You might be an ultra-runner

This is the place where ultra runner hang out

ultraFanatics is a website created by an ultra runner for all ultra runners

We ultra runners are a bunch of very passionate people and we really care about our sport. If you have run at least a 50K then you can join us here at ultraFanatics.

Every member gets a uFL (ultraFanatic Level) rating

At ultraFanatics members can earn different levels depending how many official races they run in a single year. Learn more.

Try this website for FREE

Normally the yearly membership will be a minimal $30 a year. However, we allow members to join for free until further notice or perhaps forever. And, of course, you can cancel your account with a single click of a button without any questions asked.

Your running friends might be already on here

So far 422 ultra runners signed up and the last 5 members where William Sprouse, Nichole Moon, Michael Li, Joshua Wiley, and Taylor Maltz. Check them all out.

We understand that ultra runners have a huge pride of our accomplishments

With ultraFanatics you are able to show your pride and communicate it through the community and everybody else. We are going to start off with giving each member a level rating they can share on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and such. Soon you'll be able to compare yourself with other members on this website and create a challenge with another runner.

We'll be adding constant more cool stuff

We'll keep working and add more cool stuff to this website. You'll love it we promise.

All this is just the beginning. Sign up now and see what's coming down the road soon.