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I''''''''ve finished the American River 50m the last 7 consecutive years. This in itself is not unique except for the fact that I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus in 2002 at age 44 after 20 years of severe migraines. I''''ve endured 6 ventricular peritoneal shunt surgeries, a craniotomy for a subdural hematoma, seizures, and vancomycin resistant staph. My last hospitalization for Hydrocephalus was in 2006 after which I walked, and eventually ran on a treadmill for rehab. In 2008 I ran my first Ultra at age 50. In 2010 I suffered a complete rupture of my posterior tibialis tendon followed by major foot reconstruction(calcaneal osteotomy and double tendon transfer). 10 months later (April 2011), I completed the American River 50 for the 4th consecutive year this time with a 2" screw through my heel. I finished 27 seconds slower(I''''''''''''''''ll blame it on the root I tripped over at mile 45 and I have a black toenail to show for it). 2012-13 was tough for me as I was sidelined with a full thickness tear posterior root of my R. Medial Meniscus resulting in arthroscopic surgery but I was still able to complete the 2013 AR 50 10 minutes under the cutoff. 2014 involved the new course and that it is 15 minutes slower than the old course. I finished 2 minutes slower at 12:52. People tell me I''''''''m crazy but we all know how it is.
  • 3:07.53 Marathon PR Ave of the Olives Davis CA 1982
  • Riding my bicycle 100 miles round trip from Redwood City CA, to Stinson Beach, CA and running the Double Dipsea on the same day in 1983.
  • My first Ultra Race - American River 50 at age 50 in 2008.
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