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Hi y''all! I''m Stephanie from Alexandria, VA. Mom to Myles, age 5 and his lil bro Xavier, age 2. I''m an ultra marathoner and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Health Administration. I like to run 100+ miles a week on avg and write silly things at Thanks for reading and ''getting'' me. I want to buy you a magic unicorn that farts glittery rainbows. I''m originally from the lil town of Marshall, TX and wouldn''t mind running back there someday. Here are some other bio details: Years running: 12 Years running ultras: 3 Pre-Ultra marathon PR:: 3:59:58 marathon @ Coco Beach in Fl in 2009 Favorite running surface: trail Some ultras I have completed: Destin 50 Beach Ultras 50k and 50 mile, Bear Bait Ultra Marathons 50k, Rosaryville 50k (July), 12 hr ATR (September) Ultra achievement I am most proud of: 50 miler on the beach Typical training week: 85-105 miles per week Injury history: plantar fasciitis Long-term ultra goal: 100 miler Fantasy ultra goal: 48 hour race Favorite ultra quote(s): Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel - Jason Robillard
  • 6:03:03 50K @ Destin Beach Ultra Runs Feb. 2013
  • 10:28:28 50 mile @ Destin Beach Ultra Runs Feb. 2014
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