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So far Bobby Nelson finished 39 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sat Dec 15, 12Bartram 100United States of America   (georgia - milledgeville)100 mi31:08:0029
2Sat Nov 17, 12Bear BaitUnited States of America   (florida - milton)50 mi12:11:5729
3Sun Nov 11, 12PeachTree CityUnited States of America   (georgia - peachtree city)50 km06:53:2429
4Sat Sep 29, 12Hinson Lake 24United States of America   (north carolina - rockingham)100 km24:00:0029
Hinson Lake 24: Awesome 24 hour race. Great crowd and such a deal at $24.
5Mon Sep 3, 12Darkside Labor Day MarathonUnited States of America   (georgia - peach tree city)26.2 mi05:17:3429
Darkside Labor Day Marathon: First race of the season.... Blah. So humid, so slow!
6Sat May 26, 12Nanny Goat 100United States of America   (california - riverside)100 mi27:22:1229
Nanny Goat 100: Met some great inspirational runners. Like Ed Fancy Pants, such a pleasure.
7Sun Apr 15, 12Wild Sebastian 100United States of America   (florida - sebastian)100 mi28:57:5929
Wild Sebastian 100: More to come
8Sat Mar 31, 12Operation Endurance 24 hrs 58 miles laterUnited States of America   (georgia - columbus)50 mi24:00:0029
9Sun Mar 25, 12Bear Blaster 58KUnited States of America   (georgia - augusta)50 km08:44:5529
10Sat Mar 24, 12Ellerbe MarathonUnited States of America   (north carolina - ellerbe)26.2 mi06:09:4129
11Sun Mar 18, 12Publix Georgia MarathonUnited States of America   (georgia - atlanta)26.2 mi05:28:4629
12Sat Mar 17, 12Instant Classic Trail MarathonUnited States of America   (virginia - chesterfield)26.2 mi05:15:5529
13Sat Mar 10, 12Columbia MarathonUnited States of America   (south carolina - columbia)26.2 mi04:18:5328
14Sat Mar 3, 12Albany MarathonUnited States of America   (georgia - albany)26.2 mi04:28:2728
15Sun Feb 26, 12CowTown UltraMarathonUnited States of America   (texas - fort worth)50 km06:09:2228
CowTown UltraMarathon: Fun, I got to pace a couple of new distant runners and cheered on everyone around me. I took my camera on this run..... and left it at the finish line, whoops! I should be able to get it back, someone found it and we are working it out.
16Sat Feb 18, 12IronHorse 75 milesUnited States of America   (florida - florahome)100 km21:57:5528
IronHorse 75 miles: 100 Mile attempt. I was restricted to proceed at mile 75. I did not make the cut off time of 19 hours (me, 22 hrs). That is the farthest I have gone. I'm okay. The overall cut off time was pretty aggressive. I was not very optimistic when I learned the cut off was 26 hours, when most 100 miles are around 30 hours.
17Sun Jan 15, 12Croom ZoomUnited States of America   (florida - brookesviile)100 km14:15:0328
Croom Zoom: I thought 100k was 31 miles... I really suck at converting distances.
18Sun Jan 8, 12First Light MarathonUnited States of America   (alabama - mobile)26.2 mi05:12:0828
First Light Marathon: Alabama, check! Great race, got warm very fast. Lots of great Maniacs to hang out with. I wish I could find something bad to say... .but, I can't.
19Sat Dec 31, 11Savage Seven Day 6United States of America   (florida - pensacola)26.2 mi08:34:3028
Savage Seven Day 6: I decided not to end 2011 with 13 marathons. I bit and bullet and bared the pain. My slowest marathon ever, and the first Last place finish ever. I am finishing with 14 and got my 7th star with this race too!
20Tue Dec 27, 11Savage Seven Day 2United States of America   (florida - pensacola)26.2 mi07:35:5928
Savage Seven Day 2: My first Quad. At a huge price. Ran again, on a hurt foot.
21Mon Dec 26, 11Savage Seven Day 1United States of America   (florida - pensacola)26.2 mi07:05:3028
Savage Seven Day 1: My first Triple... and it hurts. I got a small injury yesterday. I'm still going.
22Sun Dec 25, 11Christmas Day MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - pensacola beach)26.2 mi05:58:0028
Christmas Day Marathon: 2nd day of nine, for marathons. Savage 7 begins tomorrow.
23Sat Dec 24, 11Christmas Eve MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - pensacola)26.2 mi06:00:3028
Christmas Eve Marathon: 1st race in the "Nasty Nine" series. 8 days left and 8 more marathons to go!
24Sat Dec 10, 11Tallahassee UltraUnited States of America   (florida - wakulla)50 km05:38:1528
Tallahassee Ultra: I had no idea Tallahassee was in a different time zone. I thought I was super early.... turned out starting the race 18 minutes after everyone else. Thanks goodness, they were kind and let me start anyway.
25Sat Dec 3, 11Baton Rouge Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (louisiana - baton rouge)26.2 mi04:40:2128
Baton Rouge Beach Marathon: Two loops of awesomeness! Food, gifts (SOCKS), people and lots of MANIACS!
26Sat Nov 26, 11Mississippi Coast MarathonUnited States of America   (mississippi - stennis space center)26.2 mi04:50:2228
Mississippi Coast Marathon: "Coast Marathon"? During the entire race.... I didn't see the coast once. All and all, HOT and HUMID! 83 Degrees at one time and 100 percent humidity with no rain. Had to really slow down for this one.
27Sat Nov 19, 11JFK 50 MilerUnited States of America   (maryland - boonsboro)50 mi11:27:1128
JFK 50 Miler: I can understand why they are strict about qualifying for this race. It is tough. I managed to complete it as my first Ultra. I'm glad to have done it.
28Sun Nov 13, 11Pensacola MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - pensacola)26.2 mi04:38:0228
Pensacola Marathon: Very warm weather after running Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. I still managed to knock off 20 minutes from last week's race. Not bad for a homecoming. I even missed church to run this one.
29Sat Nov 5, 11Indianapolis Monumental MarathonUnited States of America   (indiana - indianapolis)26.2 mi05:01:5328
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon: My gait was off in this race. Must have been Murphy's Law. Nothing seemed to go my way. A finish, nonetheless. This race should get me my 2nd star!
30Sat Oct 29, 11Haunted HustleUnited States of America   (wisconsin - middleton)26.2 mi04:52:0328
Haunted Hustle: Lots of hills. My thighs were tired by mile 5! Brutal!
31Sat Oct 22, 11Des Plaines River Trail RaceUnited States of America   (illinois - lincolnshire)26.2 mi05:02:1128
Des Plaines River Trail Race: Great Trail race and very low key, I wish I had done the 50 miler.
32Sun May 1, 11Oklahoma City MemorialUnited States of America   (oklahoma - oklahoma city)26.2 mi05:17:3028
Oklahoma City Memorial: This is the marathon that I came out of running retirement for. It was an awesome race put together. It rained the entire race, the temp dropped a 20 degrees, and the wind blew 20 mph the entire time.
33Sat Dec 8, 07Charlotte's Thunder RoadUnited States of America   (north carolina - charlotte)26.2 mi04:26:4324
Charlotte's Thunder Road: So many hills. Enough that I do not want to run it again.... I even retired from marathon.... only to come out of it!
34Sun Mar 19, 06Shamrock SportsfestUnited States of America   (virginia - virginia beach)26.2 mi04:25:3323
Shamrock Sportsfest: Sponsored by a beer. Killigans, the year that I ran... need I say more?
35Thu Nov 24, 05Atlanta MarathonUnited States of America   (georgia - atlanta)26.2 mi04:10:0522
Atlanta Marathon: Drizzle on Thanksgiving day. It was a great way to start a day of thankfulness.
36Sun Mar 9, 03Valley of the SunUnited States of America   (arizona - phoenix)26.2 mi03:53:4421
Valley of the Sun: This marathon ended up getting canceled later in years. The logistics just did not support the needs. Too bad, the inaugural was my first marathon!
37Sun Jun 2, 02Rock 'N' RollUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:59:4720
Rock 'N' Roll: These races end with a rock concert. This year was Smash Mouth. AWESOME!!
38Sun Mar 10, 02Valley of the SunUnited States of America   (arizona - phoenix)26.2 mi04:36:2819
Valley of the Sun: Arizona is awesome. My home State! I'm not sure how my chip time ended up slower than my clock time. That is a mystery to me, still.
39Sun Feb 18, 01Valley of the SunUnited States of America   (arizona - phoenix)26.2 mi04:28:3418
Valley of the Sun: My first marathon at the inaugural Valley of the Sun Marathon. I had dreams of running this every year, then I joined the army and missed a few.... then in 2005 they ended this one because of horrific logistics. The type that could have got a runner killed. I placed in my age.... but I didn't know enough about races to hang out long enough to get my medal :(


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