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So far Jerimiah Hartz finished 22 races.     |     See Jerimiah's profile     |     See Jerimiah's future events

So far Jerimiah Hartz finished 22 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sat Apr 4, 15Fools Run50 mi10:23:4834
2Sat Jan 3, 15Croom Zoom50 km06:12:2734
3Sat Nov 15, 14Wild Sebastian 100United States of America   (florida - fellsmere)100 mi28:26:1734
4Sat Oct 11, 14John Holmes Trail Race50 km05:37:3934
5Sat Aug 30, 14Pinellas Trail Challenge46 mi11:47:0034
6Sat Feb 15, 14Iron Horse 100kUnited States of America   (florida - florahome)100 km13:32:3233
7Sat Jan 4, 14Croom Zoom50 km06:03:2333
Croom Zoom: Official result was 7:03:23. I started one hour late with the 25k.
8Sat Nov 16, 13Wild Sebastian50 mi12:44:0733
9Sun Oct 27, 13Mutual Mine 50kUnited States of America   (florida - inverness)50 km05:31:5132
10Sat May 11, 13Ultra Miles for MoffittUnited States of America   (florida - tampa)50 km07:46:2932
11Sat Mar 9, 13Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 50 miler50 mi11:12:3032
12Sat Jan 19, 13Long Haul 100k100 km14:20:5132
13Sat Nov 10, 12Wild Sebastian 75 miler75 mi23:06:3732
14Sat Apr 14, 12Wild Sebastian 5050 mi11:41:4831
15Sun Jan 22, 12Calico Trail 50k50 km06:06:1031
16Sat Oct 15, 11North Face Endurance Challenge50 mi13:23:2631
17Fri Feb 18, 11Iron Horse Endurance Run 50 mile50 mi11:24:3231
18Sun Jan 16, 11Croom Zoom 50KMUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km06:16:1231
19Sat Nov 27, 10Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon26.2 mi04:21:3831
20Sun Apr 25, 10OKC Memorial Marathon26.2 mi04:11:2431
21Sun Jan 31, 10ING Miami Marathon26.2 mi04:18:2431
22Sun Mar 1, 09Gasparilla Distance Classic26.2 mi04:42:0431


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