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So far Diego Tellov finished 80 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sun Jan 12, 14Enlightened Ultra50 km00:00:0052
2Sat Nov 2, 13Saddleback Mountain GoatUnited States of America 26.2 mi00:00:0052
3Sun Oct 27, 13Lake Hodges Trail FestUnited States of America   (california - san diego)50 km00:00:0052
4Sat Oct 12, 13Twin PeaksUnited States of America 50 km00:00:0052
5Sun Sep 1, 13Silverton 1000United States of America   (colorado - silverton)100 km00:00:0052
6Sun Jun 2, 13RnR San DiegoUnited States of America   (california - san diego)13 mi01:50:5152
7Sat May 11, 13PCT50United States of America   (california - mt. laguna.)50 mi00:00:0052
PCT50: Hot day. Victor Runco, DC, threatened to kill me by smashing my head open with a rock at mile 24. 5 witnesses, but I didnt get their bib numbers. I thought the ultra community was a safe place for people to do their own thing. Unfortunately, not everyone running ultras is civilized. Fortunately, there are still a lot of good people out there, and the outliers are few and far between.
8Fri Apr 19, 13ZionUnited States of America   (utah - virgin)50 km10:00:0052
Zion: Was plannng to sweep 100K, but Gooseberry Aid Station, mile 19 wasnt keeping track of runners well untill Goosebump aid station, which was mle 25. No radio at Virgin Dam Aid station, mile 11, meant no idea of how many runners SHOULD HAVE passed the Gooseberry aid station before I arrived as sweep. Then, had to wait till almost 1PM to get the OK to sweep the 13 mile loop from Gooseberry to Goosebump and Back, By then, DFL was 10 miles ahead of my position and there was no transportation to catch up. On top of that, they decided to close the aid station, not leaving me any water or food, after telling the ham at Gooseberry they would wait for me.... This is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder why the hell I volunteer to help at races where I dont know the aid station captains... And makes my wife want to put me back under house arrest. Ok, the scenery is beautiful and I have good tracking skills and carry a 10 lb pack with supplies, radio and first aid, but still... This was the best marked course I have ever swept. Doing this alone, even with my ham radio was a big challenge. Next year they will need at least 2 sweeps per section and more experienced volunteers at start and aid statins to make sure they account fir DNS and early drops. Otherwise, next year will also be a failure for the sweep. Last uear, which was their first, they didnt have a sweep, their markiings were minimal and losts of people got lost on the slickrock sections. This was a major improvement, so Kudos to the RD.
9Sun Apr 7, 13Oriflamme 50kUnited States of America   (california - lagunas)50 km09:00:0052
Oriflamme 50k: Swept wit Randall Tolosa
10Sat Mar 30, 13Coyote CohortsUnited States of America   (california - palisades)26.2 mi00:00:0052
Coyote Cohorts: Swept and ran an extra out and back before wave 3 started to get in a marathon distance. Great course but really screwy logistics and minimalist trail markings. Used the Dipsea format with 3 waves. If you are sweeping that sux because there is no way you can sweep and keep an eye on the DFL when the DFL is running 9-10 minute miles up the mountain on fresh legs. Needless to say, the DFL was 20 minutes ahead of me at the first aid station. But that aid station was 12 MILES into the race. At station 2, mile 18 the DFL was an hour ahead and thank goodness two fresh sweeps picked him up for the next stretch. Wont sweep this one again, but might run it if its offered next year. Beautiful course, close to the coast, so lots of fresh breezes in the afternoon.
11Sun Mar 24, 13Spring 7 # 7United States of America   (california - long beach)52 km00:00:0052
Spring 7 # 7: Spring 7 is now in the books. Adding Shamrock Suffle, thats 8 Ultras in 8 days. Plus Titanium achieved . Now, on to 50 states by 2020.
12Sat Mar 23, 13Spring 7 #6United States of America   (california - lomg beach)52 km00:00:0052
13Fri Mar 22, 13Spring 7 # 5United States of America   (california - anaheim)63 km00:00:0052
Spring 7 # 5: Today i became Titanium.
14Thu Mar 21, 13Spring 7 # 4United States of America   (california - los angeles,,dockweiler)51 km00:00:0052
15Wed Mar 20, 13Spring 7 # 3United States of America   (california - huntington beach)51 km00:00:0052
16Tue Mar 19, 13Spring 7 #2United States of America   (california - long beach)51 km06:34:0051
17Mon Mar 18, 13Spring 7 #1United States of America   (california - long beach)51 km07:30:0051
18Sun Mar 17, 13Shamrock ShuffleUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)51 km06:34:0051
19Sun Mar 3, 13Run the Forest PathUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi05:39:2751
20Mon Feb 4, 13Run the CanalUnited States of America   (california - riverside)26.2 mi05:45:3051
21Sun Feb 3, 13Surf CityUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:11:5751
22Sun Jan 27, 13Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi05:05:0051
23Sat Jan 26, 13Winter BlastUnited States of America   (california - santa monica)26.2 mi00:00:0051
Winter Blast: Rained.
24Sat Jan 19, 13San Diego 50United States of America   (california - san diego)50 mi14:18:0051
San Diego 50: Swept all 50 miles. Not a good idea, since multiple drops at each aid station means always having to catch up with next DFL who could be 30 minutes ahead.
25Mon Jan 14, 13La 13.1United States of America   (venice - marina del rey - ca)13.1 mi02:43:5751
La 13.1: Race Guards
26Sun Jan 13, 13Beach BonanzaUnited States of America   (california - lomg beach)26.2 mi05:22:0051
27Sun Dec 30, 12ATY 24 HoursUnited States of America   (arizona - glendale)100 mi22:01:4051
ATY 24 Hours: First 100 miler. Right on predicted time. Beat 24 hours on my first try! Only one black toenail, and no injury!!!!
28Thu Dec 20, 12Winter 7United States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi05:45:0051
Winter 7: Last day of Winter 7.
29Wed Dec 19, 12Winter 6United States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:38:0051
Winter 6: Day 6 of 7
30Tue Dec 18, 12Winter 5United States of America   (california - fullerton)26.2 mi04:28:3051
Winter 5: Winter day 5 of 7
31Mon Dec 17, 12Winter 4United States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi04:25:3051
Winter 4: Dockweiler Course
32Sun Dec 16, 12Winter 3United States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi00:00:0051
Winter 3: Day 3
33Sat Dec 15, 12Winter 2United States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi00:00:0051
34Fri Dec 14, 12Winter 1United States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi00:00:0051
Winter 1: Winter 7series. Day 1, CAR.
35Sat Dec 8, 12Tucson MarathonUnited States of America   (arizona - tucson)26.2 mi07:10:0051
Tucson Marathon: Forgot my gear bag.... Oh, well. Volunteer and donation tomcharity. Not bad for a double weekend.
36Fri Dec 7, 12Mc Dowell Mountain FeenzyUnited States of America   (arizona - fountain hills.)50 km08:45:3051
Mc Dowell Mountain Feenzy: Will be back to this course to run the Javelina. JJ and JNR in 2013.
37Mon Dec 3, 12Rock and Roll Las VegasUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi00:00:0051
38Thu Nov 29, 12Colby's Birthday MarathonUnited States of America   (california - temecula)26.2 mi05:29:1651
39Sun Nov 25, 12Gladiator UltraUnited States of America   (california - santa monica)50 mi09:27:1651
40Sat Nov 17, 12ChimeraUnited States of America   (ca. - lake elsinore)25 km00:00:0051
Chimera: Swept Bluejay-Candystore lollipop trail and Trabuco to Holy Jim trail. Worked Holy Jim aid station till close after DFL.
41Sat Nov 10, 12Bootlegger 50KUnited States of America   (nevada - boulder city)50 km09:59:5051
Bootlegger 50K: Swept 2 laps on this scenic desert course.
42Sun Nov 4, 12Coast to CoastUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:49:4851
Coast to Coast: Hot day in the sun. 8th double in 2012
43Sat Nov 3, 12Mt Laguna Trail MarathonUnited States of America   (california - mt. laguna)26.2 mi08:00:3251
Mt Laguna Trail Marathon: Swept with Mary Lou.
44Sun Oct 28, 12Rock N Roll Los AngelesUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)13.1 mi04:08:3051
Rock N Roll Los Angeles: Race Guard Sweep. A long stroll through downtown Los Angeles. Its amazing who you meet at the back of the pack. cancer surviors, visually impaired with guides, people just two days out of surgery.....really? Walking a half marathon against doctors orders on sunday after surgery on FRIDAY? RU Nuts?
45Sat Oct 20, 12Hercules marathonUnited States of America   (california - santa monica)26.2 mi05:11:3051
46Sat Oct 13, 12Twin PeaksUnited States of America   (california - corona)50 km16:00:0051
Twin Peaks: Tough course, great weather. Would have swept the whole 50 M course, but was asked to wait for last runners at Indian Truck Trail and not sweep Santiago Peak...
47Sat Sep 29, 12Wabash Heritage Trail MarathonUnited States of America   (indiana - west lafayette)26.2 mi07:40:3851
Wabash Heritage Trail Marathon: Swept. Nice flattish course along the river. Lots of roots, sand, couple stream crossings, bridges, mostly under tree cover.
48Fri Sep 28, 12Not Yo Mama'sUnited States of America   (ohio - chillicothe)50 km08:34:3051
Not Yo Mama's: There are hills in OHIO, believe it or not. They got em at Yo Mama''s. 2700 ft per loop. 2 loops for 50K. Some were like climbing up on all 4s. Fell 3 times. Would do this one again for sure!
49Sun Sep 23, 12Awesome MarathonUnited States of America   (ca. - santa monica)26.2 mi04:47:5351
Awesome Marathon: Dedicated to Pete "Island Wolf" Mongoa.
50Sat Sep 8, 12Endure the BearUnited States of America   (ca. - big bear)50 km08:24:3051
Endure the Bear: Great course. Paced the last finisher in... A 76 year old physical therapist from Victorville.
51Sat Aug 25, 12BulldogUnited States of America   (california - malibu creek)50 km08:55:0051
Bulldog: Swept 2 laps of this 25K Course.
52Sun Aug 19, 12Summer ShowdownUnited States of America   (california - santamonica)26.2 mi04:17:3051
Summer Showdown: Was gonna do 50K, but there was no marine layer and it got hot early.
53Sun Jul 22, 12Ocean Blast MarathonUnited States of America   (ca. - long beach)26.2 mi05:10:0551
Ocean Blast Marathon: Ran a 50K and then a Marathon in the same day. Total time was just over 12 hrs for 57.6 miles. All on Pavement.
54Sun Jul 22, 12Ocean Blast UltraUnited States of America   (california - long beach)50 km06:51:3051
55Sun Jul 15, 12Tijuana MarathonMexico   (baja california norte - tijuana)26.2 mi04:24:3051
Tijuana Marathon: Ran with Kyra, Rocky and Levi. Great race will do it again!
56Sat Jul 14, 12Cuyamaca 3 PeaksUnited States of America   (california - cuyamaca state park)50 km09:51:0051
Cuyamaca 3 Peaks: Swept the Stonewall Half and 3 Peaks 50K
57Sun Jul 8, 12Fun in the Sun UltraUnited States of America   (california - long beach)50 km06:00:2651
Fun in the Sun Ultra: 2nd 50k in 2 days
58Sat Jul 7, 12Harding HustleUnited States of America   (california - silverado)50 km09:06:1551
Harding Hustle: Ran Sweep for the entire race.
59Sun Jun 17, 12Burton Creek Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - tahoe city)13.1 mi02:30:3051
Burton Creek Half Marathon: 2nd Trail Half Marathon in 2 days.Nice course for a half marathon. Marathon was 2 loops. It was hot, so I dropped down to half marathon, since the aid stations seemed to be running out of water, gu, etc. at the end of the half. Took a fall at mile 12.5, so that clinched the drop down.
60Sat Jun 16, 12ZombieRunner San Francisco 13MUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)13.1 mi02:16:2951
61Sun Jun 10, 12Dirt Devil - Cougar Run 13MUnited States of America   (california - san diego)13.1 mi02:05:5351
62Sun Jun 3, 12Rock and Roll San Diego MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi04:05:1851
Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon: Elvis ran the marathon. No more costumes in marathons. Save it for the halfs!
63Sat May 19, 12Oquirrh Mountain MarathonUnited States of America   (utah - herriman)26.2 mi04:28:3051
Oquirrh Mountain Marathon: 2nd day of Master of Trail and Road. 3rd place in the 2 day competition.
64Fri May 18, 12Oquirrh Mountain Trail Half MarathonUnited States of America   (utah - herriman)13.1 mi02:51:0051
Oquirrh Mountain Trail Half Marathon: Fog at start, Gale force winds at summit, beautiful Aspen Groves on descent, downpour the last 4 miles. Variety is the spice of lfe!
65Sat May 12, 12ITU World Triathlon San DiegoUnited States of America   (california - san diego)10 km00:44:5751
ITU World Triathlon San Diego: Relay run for Off The Grid relay team
66Sun May 6, 12Safari Park Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - escondido)13.1 mi02:57:0351
67Sun Apr 29, 12Beachmania UltraUnited States of America   (california - long beach.)50 km07:16:3051
Beachmania Ultra: It was actually 39.3 miles.
68Sat Apr 7, 12Oriflamme 50KMUnited States of America   (california - borrego springs)50 km06:06:4051
69Sun Mar 25, 12Run the MarinaUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi05:01:1251
70Sat Mar 24, 12Spring Break UltraUnited States of America   (california - long beach)50 km05:35:3051
71Sun Mar 11, 12San Diego Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)13.1 mi03:59:5651
San Diego Half Marathon: Ran as Elvis, ended up as unofficial sweep.
72Sat Feb 25, 12Run the Path MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi04:40:0750
Run the Path Marathon: Became a Marathon Maniac after this race
73Sun Feb 12, 1226.2 with DonnaUnited States of America   (florida - jacksonville)26.2 mi03:58:2350
26.2 with Donna: First Marathon in 24 years. Run walk run... did OK despite insufficient training time, but sub-4hours at age 50 is not too bad!
74Sun Jan 29, 12Wild Horse Trail Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - chula vista)13.1 mi02:00:3850
75Fri Jan 6, 12SoCal Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - irvine)13.1 mi01:46:3050
76Thu Nov 3, 11Siver Strand Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - coronado)13.1 mi01:56:3050
77Fri Oct 28, 11Temecula Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - temecula)13.1 mi02:11:3050
Temecula Half Marathon: First race in many years!
78Sun Apr 30, 89Lake County RacesUnited States of America   (illinois - lake county)13.1 mi01:29:2029
Lake County Races: 2nd Half Marathon. Would Have been 2nd Marathon, but I ran it too fast and would have blown up anyways.
79Fri Oct 28, 88Chicago MarathonUnited States of America   (illinois - chicago)26.2 mi03:50:0228
Chicago Marathon: 1st Marathon. Hated it. 15 minutes to cross starting line. No Chip timing. Ran 1st half too fast. Walked most of 2nd half. Ached for a week afterwards. Thank Goodness for my discovery of Run-Walk-Run in 2011. Now a marathon is nothing but fun. When I hit 100 will I be done. I don''t know, its still undone.
80Sat Apr 2, 88Springfield Half MarathonUnited States of America   (illinois - springfield)13.1 mi01:31:0228
Springfield Half Marathon: 1st ever Half Marathon


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