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So far Seth Elsheimer finished 74 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sat Jul 18, 20Lake Baldwin 50KUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)32.5 mi07:34:4568
Lake Baldwin 50K: This event is not well-know but has taken place annually since at least 2012. Fortunately it is only a mile from my house. It's a self-supported "Fat Ass" style event but organizers offer prizes and some aid. This year was less intimate due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was still fun and cordial. I wisely started early at 5Am rather than the announced "official" start at 8:40am. The course is 13 loops around a 2.5-mile paved lakeside pedestrian trail that is a mixture of shaded and exposed. Although titled "50K it is actually 32.5 miles and my Garmin has registered it as 32.7 several times in recent years. Thanks to Luis Gomez for organizing us this year.
2Tue Jun 2, 20Virtual Calgary 50KUnited States of America   (florida - winter park)50 km07:12:5867
Virtual Calgary 50K: I applied to be a 50K 6:00:00 pacer before the event shifted to virtual in response to the COVED-19 Pandemic. A 50K in hot & humid Central Florida this time of year is significantly more difficult than it would have been in lovely Calgary Alberta CANADA. I thought I’d chosen the least bad night to run but was obviously mistaken. The required 11:35/mi pace was achieved for the first 11 miles but after that it was too much so I slowed significantly and walked whenever needed. I’m disappointed by the time and believe I can do the 6:00 time goal so might try again sometime during the virtual race window that extends through 9/27/20.
3Fri May 15, 20Run Like a Ninja Virtual 100-MileUnited States of America   (florida - winter park)100 mi44:38:1467
Run Like a Ninja Virtual 100-Mile: The low registration price and liberal cut-off time made this an attractive first 100-mile during the drought of events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mid-May in Central Florida is not the best time to be outside running with plenty of heat and humidity. I walked about half of the distance. The modest finish time includes stoping to eat and several naps of 1 to 3 hours each while the clock was running. Actual time in motion was 25:04:54 at a pace of 15:03/mi. Feet bottoms took it hard it with blood blisters and chafing even with changing shoes several times.
4Sat Sep 7, 19Riverbend Park UltrasUnited States of America   (florida - jupiter)28 mi08:04:5267
Riverbend Park Ultras: If the time and distance seem slow to you then you should have been there. I was glad to get as far as I did at this VERY hot and humid event. The people were great and the park is lovely. The well-groomed 4-mile loop is hard packed crushed shells and gravel and passes through a mixture of shaded and exposed sections much of which overlooks small streams and wetlands. The path is covered with a light dusting of long leaf pine needles. The event is free and quite well organized but it was miserably hot. Even at the 7am start in was 79 degrees and it was in the low 90s when I finished with a heat index of well over 100 degrees. I had hoped to complete at least 8 laps for 32 miles (>50K) but chafing aftetr running in wet cloths for so long finally persuaded me to stop after 7 laps.
5Sat Apr 27, 19Virgina 24_HourUnited States of America   (viginia - hampton)33.75 mi08:12:1566
Virgina 24_Hour: Nice event. Run as far as you like in 24 hours on a 3.75-mile gravel loop in a nature park. Nice folks. Large event. I walked a lot nursing a pulled right calf and stopped after 9 laps to get some sleep for the long drive ahead. Weather was great. I would do this even again. Officially I have 33.75 miles but my Garmin showed 34.25
6Sat Jul 14, 18The Eric Law 8:40am Candy-Ass Beat The Warthog 50kUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)32.7 mi07:48:3065
The Eric Law 8:40am Candy-Ass Beat The Warthog 50k: Tough day. Many thanks to race director, Susan Anger, for organizing this cordial social event. So nice to see friends there. Actual distance was 32.7 miles (13 laps on an approximately 2.5-mile loop around Lake Baldwin). I took the early start option but, even so, by the time I finished it was 92 degrees with a heat index of 100 and I was grateful to finish at any speed. I heard later that of the 46+ participants only about 10 of us finished the full distance. If someone asks you to run an ultra-marathon in Central Florida in mid-July, ... say no.
7Wed Dec 28, 16Across the Years 24-hrUnited States of America   (arizona - glendale)62.5 km09:25:1863
Across the Years 24-hr: I quit early after escorting a friend through his first ultra
8Sat Jun 18, 16Dizzy GOAT 12-Hour Trail UltraUnited States of America   (nebraska - gretna)33 mi11:24:0063
Dizzy GOAT 12-Hour Trail Ultra: Wisely stopped early after 33-mile when it got hot in the afternoon.
9Sat May 14, 16Rock on Lake PerryUnited States of America   (kansas - meriden)50 km08:28:5263
Rock on Lake Perry: This completes an ultra in all 50 states. A lot herder than I thought it would be. After falling 3 times in the first 11 miles I slowed for safety and walked a lot on the rocky, rooty, single-track trail. I was the oldest of the 37 participants.
10Sat Dec 19, 15Hawaii Kai Ultra RunsUnited States of America   (hawaii - oahu)50 km06:40:0563
Hawaii Kai Ultra Runs: Small cordial event. Multiple loops on a double out-and-back 3.34-mi course. Nice ocean view at turn-around. wind heat and humidity were factors.
11Sat Aug 8, 15The Badlands 50KUnited States of America   (north dakota - (near) medora on maah daah hey trail)32.2 mi10:02:1463
The Badlands 50K: Staged on beautiful and dramatic Maah Daah Yey Trail. Heat produced many casualties. Finished DFL at 10:02:14 and I heard many starters were DNF. The RD drove out to an access point to offer me ride with only 3 miles to go but I was well ahead of the cut-off time so stubbornly persisted. At that time there were two runners behind me but both gave up or were pulled. Finishers received a logo muff and a commemorative coin depicting the turtle trail marker.
12Sat Aug 1, 15HURL Elkhorn Endurance RunUnited States of America   (montana - clancy (near helena))32.5 mi12:15:0163
HURL Elkhorn Endurance Run: Nominally 50K but actually 32.5 miles. Breathtaking figuratively with beautiful vistas in the Elkhorn Mountains and literally from altitude. It was a long day. Event logo thermal mugs instead of the usual finisher's medals. Finisher certificate is a poster with original artwork by a local participant. If my time sounds slow you should have been here. There was a generous 15-hr cut off time and around mid-day I was worried I might not make it but finished earlier that expected.
13Sat Jul 11, 15Capitol Reef 50KUnited States of America   (utah - teasdale)32 mi10:35:5163
Capitol Reef 50K: Wow! That was difficult. High altitude on tough terrain. I was happy to finish at any speed. Instead of the usual finisher's medal they gave out individualized, hand-made ceramic cups bearing the event name and logo. The course was stunningly beautiful and passed by several secluded lakes and scenic overlooks most of which are inaccessible except on foot.
14Sat Jun 13, 15Elijah Bristow 12-HrUnited States of America   (oregon - dexter (near eugene))36.9 mi08:02:0062
Elijah Bristow 12-Hr: I loved this excellent event. What a civilized way to run an ultra. Multiple laps on a closed 1.0544-mile loop in a state park on a fairly flat, well-groomed hard packed dirt trail wide enough to pass easily. 24-, 12-, and 6-hr options offered. I registered for 12 hours but stopped after 8 hours when it got hot in the late afternoon. The food was some of the best I've seen at any event with standard fare like bananas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, watermelon, cookies, and gel but also offered were bacon cheeseburgers, chicken quesadillas, baked salmon with lime ... It was like a treadmill buffet passing the aid station every mile. Volunteers and spectators were few but quite enthusiastic and supportive. Recommended.
15Sat May 23, 15Jemez Moutain Trail UltraUnited States of America   (new mexico - los alamos)33.4 mi10:02:0062
Jemez Moutain Trail Ultra: Wow! Am I glad that's over. While nominally 50K (31.1 mi) the Jemez Mountain Trail Run was actually 33.4 mi at high altitude on difficult terrain. I was relieved to finish at any speed. Way too high up and hilly for this Floridian. Instead of finisher's medals we got handcrafted New Mexican pottery. Each is unique. Excellent pre and post-race food, friendly volunteers, Good scenery Time above is approximate and will be updated when official results appear.
16Sun May 17, 15Horseshoe Lake Trail Runs 50KUnited States of America   (california - los altos)50 km07:20:4062
Horseshoe Lake Trail Runs 50K: Beautiful but difficult course. Lots of step hills for this Floridian.
17Sat May 9, 15Moonlight UltraUnited States of America   (illinois - springfield)32.75 mi00:00:0062
Moonlight Ultra: 1st in men > 40 age group. Details later when official results are released. Time was somewhere near 6:27:02. Lots of hills, humidity, rain ...what fun!
18Sat Jan 17, 15Eugene Bruckert 50KUnited States of America   (delaware - felton)50 km05:41:5862
Eugene Bruckert 50K: Chilly 22 degrees at the start and never warmed above 37. There were some small patches of snow on the ground but none falling from the sunny clear and cloudless sky. Even with double gloves my hands went numb and stopped working a few times. No medals or shirts but free registration. Organizers Jeffrey Vieyra and Eugene Bruckert did a great job and were both welcoming and helpful. Thanks guys! Although nominally 50K (with 10 laps on a “3.1-mile dirt loop”) I’m fairly certain the course was short.
19Sun Oct 26, 14Running for the Bay 50KUnited States of America   (florida - apalachicola)50 km06:06:4762
Running for the Bay 50K: Beautiful setting, Run into the sunrise on out and back course mostly over water on bridges and causeways along the gulf coast. Many butterflies at the end of annual monarch migration to Mexico. Saw a dophin on the way back in. Really exposed coarse. Lost my sun visor in 1st mile but it was waiting for me in the road on the way back before the finish.
20Sat Aug 23, 14Lean Horse 50KUnited States of America   (south dakota - custer)50 km05:50:4362
Lean Horse 50K: A great event that I confidently recommend to anyone seeking a civilized and picturesque ultra. The well-groomed packed gravel Mickelson Trail is a former railway corridor that passes through some beautiful and dramatic landscape that includes granite spires and outcroppings, bucolic pastures, streams and charming old mining towns repurposed for tourism. Weather was fine with mostly overcast and moderately cool temperature. I won first place in M60-69 age group after one faster guy got 3rd overall and was removed from the AG awards.
21Mon Aug 4, 14Six Days in the Dome 24-HrUnited States of America   (alaska - anchorage)76.3 mi23:57:4962
Six Days in the Dome 24-Hr: There were only 13 of us registered for the 24-hr event but a total of 58 participants in the three events offered: 24-hr, 48-hr, 6-day. Several of the longer duration runners who were on the course simultaneously had high milage the first 24-hrs so by that standard my finish place is a more modest 30/58 overall.
22Sat Jun 21, 14Dizzy Goat 12-Hour Trail runUnited States of America   (nebraska - gretna)32.5 mi09:29:0561
Dizzy Goat 12-Hour Trail run: Heat, Humidity, and Hills made it a difficult day. Happy to stop after 10 laps on the 3.25-mile loop course.
23Sun May 25, 14Rocky Mountain 50KUnited States of America   (wyoming - medicine bow national forrest)50 km06:37:0661
Rocky Mountain 50K: Time was 6:37 by my watch
24Sat May 3, 14Runs With Scissors 50KUnited States of America   (colorado - brighton)50 km06:25:0361
25Sat Mar 8, 14Help the Vets Orlando 12-HourUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)40 mi08:35:1661
Help the Vets Orlando 12-Hour: My 50th ultra conveniently located ~1 mile from home. Had planned 50K but good folks and nice weather led me to continue. Stopped at 40 miles (64.5K) when tied for 13th overall just in time to get an evening gig.
26Sun Nov 10, 13Rhode Island 6-HourUnited States of America   (rhode island - warwick)32.4 mi05:57:0661
Rhode Island 6-Hour: No official results yet. Will update when those are available. Nice day for a run ... cool and overcast. Recommended.
27Sat Oct 5, 1350K's of GreyUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)32.5 mi06:58:2461
50K's of Grey: I took an early start to avoid mid-day heat. A beautiful sunrise. 13 laps on the 2.5-mile pedestrian path around lake Baldwin. Details later if they become available. There were about 40 participants.
28Sun Sep 22, 13Self Transcendence 7-hourUnited States of America   (washington - seattle)34.8 mi06:45:5361
Self Transcendence 7-hour: Recommended. I ran 22 Laps on what is advertised as a 1.519-mile loop but my Garmin reproducibly showed 1.58 miles. Excellent otherwise. I stopped before 7 hours since partial laps don't count and I knew I couldn't do a last lap in ~14 minutes. First (and only) 60+ Male. Dark overcast kept it cool. Forecasted rain held off for the first 4 hours but it got pretty wet and cold after that. Volunteers and organizers were among the happiest and most enthusiastic I've seen. Course was mostly flat in a city park with restrooms and overlooking the water. Besides the usual shirt, medal, and award trophy I also won the free raffle at the end and got a pie made from various Pacific Northwest berries. Post-race food was excellent from a local natural restaurant. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, wild mushroom gravy, salad, and cake. Organizers are followers of the late teacher-philosopher-humanitarian-poet-athlete Sri Chinmoy. I also received a small book of his philosophical sayings related to running: "The Inner Runner."
29Sat Jul 20, 13Full mOOn Midnight 50KUnited States of America   (arkansas - perryville)50 km08:10:3061
30Sat Jun 29, 13FURtive 50sUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)50 km07:38:0560
FURtive 50s: This event is during the worst of the Central Florida summer heat. Although I started early to avoid running during the hottest time, the humidity was still terrible and I soaked through my shoes during the first of the 2.5-mile laps around Lake Baldwin. I'd hoped for 50 miles (20 laps) but decided to quit after 13 laps (32.5 miles) The event is cited here as "50K" in order to be counted toward star ratings. There were no bib numbers but folks did record laps and times.
31Sun May 26, 13Wickham Park Marathon and 200-mile Fun RunUnited States of America   (florida - melbourne)37.5 mi08:45:4860
Wickham Park Marathon and 200-mile Fun Run: Of 79 starters 45 finished the marathon and 13 continued for 50 miles. I ran 10 laps of the 3.75-mile course for 37.5 miles in 8:45:48. Technically I got credit for a marathon completion and "DNF" for the 50mi. The trails are mostly soft sand with some roots and lots of sun ( Temperatures were in the low 80's for most of the day. Aid was a water fountain at 2.5 miles, bathrooms and a spigot near the start, and whatever you brought with you. I felt okay after the marathon so continued in hopes of completing 50 miles but was overcome by the afternoon heat and a head wound from collision with a low tree branch.
32Sat May 4, 13Farm Park ChallengeUnited States of America   (maryland - derwood)50 km06:30:0060
Farm Park Challenge: Finished DFL in results but that does not include that 35 of the 56 registered 50K starters either didn''''t start or dropped down to the marathon during or before the run. Locals called it hot but at 48 degrees to start and warming to perhaps mid 70s this Floridian found it pleasant. Nice folks and good post-race food. Got a flat tire on the way to the run and then watch died early during the first 5.2-mile lap. Without a watch I had no way to get a time and am not sure it is important now anyway. When I was unable to complete the 3rd of the 6 laps in under 60 minutes I was automatically demoted to the un-timed "open fun run" for which no times were recorded but I believe I was on the course somewhere around 6.5 hours.
33Sat Mar 30, 13Pickled Feet 12-HourUnited States of America   (idaho - eagle (boise))50 mi11:58:0060
Pickled Feet 12-Hour: This is a great event for anyone seeking a civilized first ultra or looking for a distance or time PR. Excellent weather and a non-technical dirt and gravel course with only modest changes in elevation made it fun and relatively easy. There are a variety of starting time and distance options. Hot air balloons took off nearby shortly after sunrise. Good food during and after the race. Recommended. (I actually ran 51.4 miles but recorded it here as the shorter 50M to earn a start at that distance.)
34Sat Dec 29, 12Across the Years 24HRSUnited States of America   (arizona - phoenix)39.9 mi08:20:1360
Across the Years 24HRS: Weather was great and food support was the best I've experienced with french toast in the morning and lunch that included quesadillas and tamales. The event has three different start days for the 24-hour option: December 29th, 30th, or 31st. Final results for the three days are combined. The online coverage is excellent with webcams and real time updates as each participant crosses a timing mat. I stopped early after 40 miles to save some energy for a marathon on 1/1/13. Recomended
35Sat Oct 27, 12Dave Carver's Birthday RunUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)27.7 mi06:08:5060
Dave Carver's Birthday Run: This mostly self-supported event was within a mile of my house. I stopped after 6 hours and after running the second farthest of the 16 participants. Dave Carver, who's birthday we were celebrating, ran an impressive 51K. Great folks. Thanks to organizer Susan Anger for putting this together and for a nice logo hoodie. There were no bib numbers or entry fees. Sign up was on site.
36Sun Sep 30, 12VASS Vermont 50KMUnited States of America   (vermont - brownsville)50 km08:16:5160
VASS Vermont 50KM: The difficult course was made much worse by intermittent light rain throughout the day. The technical single track hilly portions were so slick even walking was perilous. I faltered and fell often due to the slippery, shoe-sucking mud. There was a 50-mile mountain bike race going on simultaneously that converged with our course after the first 11 miles so after some of my falls I had to get up quickly to avoid becoming a speed bump (scary and not safe). If my 8:16:51 sounds slow you should have been there.
37Sun Sep 16, 12Pisgah Mountain 50KMUnited States of America   (new hampshire - chesterfield)50 km07:52:0360
Pisgah Mountain 50KM: Remind me to be cautious of events that contain the word "Mountain" in the title. The website described the course as “moderately challenging” which this Florida flatlander found a bit understated. That said, it was a great event with nearly perfect weather: 40-70° and tree-filtered sunlight. My first ultra in minimalist shoes felt mostly fine but left more than usual calf and quad soreness a couple days afterward. Major sections of the course were roots and rocks requiring slow caution to avoid falls. Even late finishers got plenty of post-race food. Nice purple long-sleeved shirt.
38Sun Aug 5, 12E.T. Full Moon Midnight 51KMUnited States of America   (nevada - rachel)50 km06:21:2560
E.T. Full Moon Midnight 51KM: The Nevada desert is beautiful at night. Conditions were good. The starting 13-mile climb of ~1100 feet was daunting but after that we were rewarded with a nice last 19 miles. A lovely dawn and sunrise starting about 5am provided a lift for a strong finish but even so, the time was slow. (The course was actually 51K in honor of "Area 51" wher the race is held but I've recorded it here as 50K to earn a start at that distance.) Hah ... first time at this distance so technically a PR! Also 1st place (and only finisher) in M 60-69 division.
39Sat Jun 30, 12Run as FUR as You LikeUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)60 km09:38:3059
Run as FUR as You Like: Scheduled 12-hour event but I quit at 37.8 miles (60K, to celebrate forthcoming 60th birthday) Temps in the 90s. Ran/walked 15 laps on a 2.5-mile loop.
40Sat Jun 2, 12Kettle Moraine Endurance Runs 38MUnited States of America   (wisconsin - la grange)38 mi11:55:2059
Kettle Moraine Endurance Runs 38M: Running in the dark on technical trail through the WI woods is tougher than it sounds. The out–and-back “Fun Run” began Saturday evening. I conservatively walked a lot overnight due to poor visibility and long stretches of hilly uneven terrain with switchbacks, rocks, and roots. A welcome surge of energy arrived as dawn broke Sunday morning providing a strong(er) finish in last few miles.
41Sat May 19, 12CRUD 8HRSUnited States of America   (illinois - brimfield)26.5 mi08:00:0059
CRUD 8HRS: Excellent race directors, volunteers, support, awards, and shirts. This is a difficult event but participants are well taken care of and get to meet a lot of friendly and tough people. Don't expect a PR. I was glad to finish 26.5 miles at any speed. It was MUCH more difficult than I expected due to hills and heat. I cramped up, threw up, and gave up. Partial laps don't count so I stopped 15 min early doubting I'd finish another lap before clock ran out.
42Sat May 12, 12Mind the Ducks 12HRSUnited States of America   (new york - rochester)39.21 mi12:00:0059
Mind the Ducks 12HRS: I stopped to nap in the shade ~50 min during the afternoon heat (clock running) then ran-walked another hour before stopping early after 80 laps. Excellent support and great folks. I love this event. Especially good for first time ultra runners. Great RD and volunteers. Recommended.
43Sun Apr 29, 12Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50KMUnited States of America   (connecticut - new preston)50 km06:22:4659
Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50KM: Beautiful course. Fairly flat. 3 laps around lake + short out-and-back at beginning and end. Clear sunny day. Cold 33 degrees to start slowly warming to about 55. Recommended
44Sat Apr 21, 12Trail Mix Minnesota 50KMUnited States of America   (minnesota - bloomington)50 km06:19:1359
Trail Mix Minnesota 50KM: Nice event and nice folks. Overcast, cool day. Rained gently during 4th lap of the 4-lap course. Gently rolling hills. Civilized trail conditions. Good shirt and medal. Recommended.
45Sat Mar 3, 12Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50 Trail Run 50KMUnited States of America   (mississippi - laurel)50 km07:43:1459
Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50 Trail Run 50KM: If this time looks slow you should have been there. After two days of rain and tornadoes the trail was 31 miles of slippery, shoe-sucking mud that made it hard to walk or even stand. Great fun and nice folks but a difficult day. My slowest 50K yet.
46Sat Feb 25, 12Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trall 118 (2-person relay)United States of America   (florida - clewiston)50 mi25:08:1759
Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trall 118 (2-person relay): Ran this 118-mile ultra around the lake as a 2-person relay team with Joyce Luloff (Marathon Maniac #2096). Great experience. Difficult but recommended. I actually ran about 59 miles but have recorded it here as a shorter 50 miles to get a star at that distance.
47Sat Nov 12, 11Louisiana Missions Marathon and UltraUnited States of America   (louisiana - keithville)50 km06:47:4359
Louisiana Missions Marathon and Ultra: Trail-lovers will enjoy the ~2.5-lap loop course in a park. Mostly single track and spindly with many twists and turns but no bushwacking or water crossing required. The numerous small hills had many roots to trip on. I fell 3 times and stumbled/faultered fequently. No serious injuries.
48Thu Oct 20, 11Bad Apple Ultra (12-hour)United States of America   (michigan - greenville)41 mi09:11:1559
Bad Apple Ultra (12-hour): I recommend this great event confidently. Many ties in the rankings were based on the number of laps around the distorted hourglass loop mostly on unpaved service roads through an apple orchard interspersed with pumpkin patches and some corn on the boarders. One nice ~1-mile section is single track through some woods with modest elevation changes. Garmin measured the course as 4.1 miles. Two well-stocked aid stations are staffed with encouraging volunteers. I intentionally started the 12-hour ultra more than two hours late to await daylight and the end of the morning rainstorm then stopped about 30 minutes early after reaching a 10 lap goal. NIce folks and a fun day.
49Sat Oct 8, 11New River Trail 50KMUnited States of America   (virginia - fries)50 km05:40:4159
New River Trail 50KM: I loved this event and recommend it highly. It was my fastest 50K since July 2007 with reverse splits thanks to 5 pee breaks in the first 12 miles. The weather was perfect for enjoying the fall colors while running beside the shimmering New River on a well-groomed gravel trail. The out-and-back course is essentially flat with only gradual and small changes in elevation barely perceivable. This green event is well-supported and had a lot of good door prizes. The bountiful post-race meal included 5 different homemade soups, fruit, breads, and cookies.
50Sat Oct 1, 11Susan Anger's Candy Ass 50KUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)50 km07:20:1359
Susan Anger's Candy Ass 50K: With 13 laps around the 2.4-mile Lake Baldwin pedestrian trail in alternating directions about 40 ultra runners celebrated Susan Anger's 50th Birthday. The Central Florida summer heat and humidity mercifully disappeared the night before so our first good day of the running season made for a nice event with fun and friendly folks. There were no registration fees or bib numbers. Participants RSVP'd online and signed up at the site. Bling included a bright pink cotton logo T-shirt, a great fluorescent green cap, a nice wrist storage pouch from Wicked Skins, and plastic logo cup.
51Fri Jul 29, 1124 Hour Around the Lake 24HRSUnited States of America   (massachusetts - wakefield)100 km24:00:0059
24 Hour Around the Lake 24HRS: Light rain several hours Friday after 7pm start kept it cool throughout the night. Temperature reached 90F degrees Saturday. I stopped early after reaching a distance PR. Passing host hotel every 3 miles is great for rest breaks, shower, clothes/shoe change, etc. Nice event. Actually ran about 15.5 hours during the total 24 and actually covered 70.63 mils but am reporting here as the shorter 100K for Ultra Fanatics star purposes.
52Fri Jul 1, 11TATUR Midnight Madness 50MUnited States of America   (oklahoma - tulsa)50 mi13:58:3758
TATUR Midnight Madness 50M: Actually 52 miles: Five laps on a 10.5-mile loop of paved pedestrian/bike path on both sides of the Arkansas River. Felt pretty good for first 3 laps but got sleepy at 31 miles and overheated after sunrise. Glad to finish at any speed. Many DNFs as temp reached 101F degrees.
53Sat Jun 25, 11Darkside 8 Hour 8HRSUnited States of America   (georgia - peachtree city)31 mi08:00:0058
Darkside 8 Hour 8HRS: I stopped a bit early in the mid-afternoon. Although it was 90F degrees and humid, sunny conditions, the nice folks and good support made this a memorable event. Multiple laps on a 0.423-mile paved path around a pond in a residential neighborhood park.
54Sat Jun 11, 11Run Under The Stars 10HRSUnited States of America   (kentucky - paducah)50 km10:00:0058
Run Under The Stars 10HRS: This is a civilized way to run an ultra in a small cordial atmosphere with an 8pm start on a clean, well-groomed 0.5-mile gravel horse race tack. The aid station passed during each lap is well-stocked. All entrants get a nice tech shirt, hat, gear bag, race belt, and medal. I stopped after 7 hours and ~50K to get some sleep before driving home. Recommended. (Ran 31.5 miles but recorded it here as the slightly shorter 50K to earn a star at that distance.)
55Sat Jun 4, 11Another Dam 50KMUnited States of America   (ohio - englewood)50 km07:17:2558
Another Dam 50KM: Lovely course about 90% under shade but at half way it got really hot reaching 90F degrees and turned into a literal "walk in the park." An apparently rabid raccoon ran up to me at about 27 miles and wouldn't be scared away with sticks and shouts so I had to outrun it which took several hundred yards. Nice folks and abundant pizza at the finish.
56Sat May 14, 11Dances with Dirt - Gnaw Bone 50KMUnited States of America   (indiana - gnaw bone)50 km07:27:4758
Dances with Dirt - Gnaw Bone 50KM: If this seems slow you should have been there. Began at dawn on a difficult stretch with frequent log jumps and soft, deep, shoe-sucking mud. Miles 2-20 were wonderful on gently undulating well-groomed trails in Brown County State Park. Overcast sky and dense tree cover kept it comfortably cool. At 20 miles the course got much tougher. Although well-marked, it was not on any established trail and required bushwhacking and log-jumping on steep hills that I actually had to use my hands to climb. The last stretch was in a shallow river bed ankle deep in cold, refreshing water. Post-race barbecue and band at the finish.
57Sat May 7, 11Strolling Jim 40MUnited States of America   (tennessee - wartrace)40 mi08:16:5958
Strolling Jim 40M: What a difference roads vs trails and some good weather makes! Finished exactly 2.5 hrs faster than comparable distance 6 days ago but that isn't saying much. Don't be misled by the event title. The official course is actually 41.2 miles. There were no stated age groups but results show enough to calculate male overall and male 50+ divisions. This charming event has great pre and post-race meals included in the price of registration and is recommended for anyone wanting something a bit longer than 50K but not ready for 50 miles. Color-coded "incentive shirts" awarded to finishers under various times (e.g, under 5hr gold, etc.)
58Sun May 1, 11Enoree Passage 40M Trail RunUnited States of America   (south carolina - whitmire)40 mi10:46:5958
Enoree Passage 40M Trail Run: MUCH more difficult than expected. I was grateful to finish at any speed. 16 DNFs among 77 starters. Heat, hills, humidity, roots, and rocks. Good fun & great story but not for wimps. Got lost 4X adding at least 20 minutes. Fell 5X. Scraped knees, palms, and shoulder. Course is winding and shiggy but includes nice wooden boardwalks and bridges over watersheds and swamps. Thanks go to RD Terri Hayes for this excellent labor of love.
59Sat Mar 12, 11Delano Park 12-Hour RunUnited States of America   (alabama - decaur)50 mi12:00:0058
Delano Park 12-Hour Run: Longest run since July '09. Nice event with a flat well-supported course and good weather. Felt pretty good for first 40 miles until it warmed up in the afternoon then slowed quite a bit but kept going. The 1-mile course was open for 12 hours, but they don't count partial laps so bailed at 54 miles since one more mile in 13:28 felt overly ambitious in my delirious and fatigued state. I recorded it here as 50 miles to get a star at that distance but actually ran 54 miles. Splits: Marathon 4:47 (unofficial), 50K 5:56:43, 40 Miles 7:57:53, 50 miles 10:37:36. Won a nice award plaque for "Grandmasters Champion" (Euphemism for old guy).
60Sat Feb 26, 11Surfside Beach Crazy Hard 50KUnited States of America   (texas - surfside beach)50 km05:58:1458
Surfside Beach Crazy Hard 50K: What a great event! The modest registration fee buys lots of great schwag including two shirts (cotton and tech) tastefully printed without advertising, a sandstone logo coaster, a large cool logo sports bag, a nice event-specific finisher's medal and unlimited post-race BBQ that was among the best I've ever seen . The course on the beach, the weather, and people were all perfect. I highly recommend this event and hope to return.
61Sat Oct 9, 10John Holmes Trail Run 50KMUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km07:21:5558
John Holmes Trail Run 50KM: Pleasant Florida morning for a run through the woods starting at 7AM. Shortly after sunrise the wildflowers opened. Felt slow but otherwise pretty good for first 25 miles then bonked a bit and walked most of the way in when it got hot during the last miles. Trees provided some cover. Delighted to finish at any speed. Felt pretty good afterwards.
62Sat Jul 17, 10Great Cranberry Island UltraUnited States of America   (maine - cranberry isles)50 km06:45:2758
Great Cranberry Island Ultra: Much hotter than expected at the 11:30am start. Otherwise a great event. Nice folks. Lots of scenic beauty in the area. Post-race lobster party included.
63Sun Jul 11, 10Flatlanders 50KUnited States of America   (north carolina - boone)50 km06:43:4157
Flatlanders 50K: RD, Matt Jenkins, made this an excellent event. Many Maniacs were among the 34 participants present for concurrent marathon and ultras. Flexible start times, water, sport drink, gels, no time limits, various distances, and all FREE! Who can ask for more? The flat, scenic, multi-loop, out-and back course is on paved pedestrian/bike trail allowing runners to see each other.
64Sat Jun 19, 10Niagara on the Lake 50KMCanada   (ontario - niagara-on-the-lake)50 km06:47:5957
Niagara on the Lake 50KM: Beautiful out-and-back course along Niagara River on paved pedestrian path turns around at the falls. Hooded sweat shirt w/o advertising. Post race food plentiful. Nice folks
65Sat Apr 3, 10Croom Trail 50K I'm Not A Fool RunUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km07:20:5357
Croom Trail 50K I'm Not A Fool Run: Hot, humid, hilly, and difficult. Some soft sandy places. Glad to finish at any speed. Fell around mile 14 and again at 18. Bonked bad near 25 miles. Concurrent 50-mile Fools Run drew a high level field of tough and committed ultra runners.
66Sun Aug 9, 09Turkey Swamp 50KMUnited States of America   (new jersey - freehold)50 km07:16:1557
Turkey Swamp 50KM: Although advertised as "50k" the course was obviously incorrectly measured and was over 33 miles according to my Garmin GPS. Mostly flat and a little muddy (probably why it's called Turkey Swamp Park) Heat and humidity were factors but overcast attenuated that a bit.
67Sat Jul 18, 09Back On My Feet Lone Ranger 24HRSUnited States of America   (pennsylvania - philadelphia)100 km24:00:0057
Back On My Feet Lone Ranger 24HRS: This well-supported, fun event is for a good charity and is run on a flat, scenic, multi-loop course through an urban park along a river. I'd gladly run this again and recommend it to anyone seeking a civilized ultra. Both mornings and overnight were pleasant weather but it does get hot in the afternoon the first day. Actually ran 67.6 miles but recorded it here as only 100K (62 miles) to get a star at that distance.
68Sat May 9, 09Capon Valley 50KMUnited States of America   (west virginia - yellow spring)50 km07:29:0756
Capon Valley 50KM: The time says it all. I was glad to finish this hilly and difficult event at any speed. Many stream crossings and lots of mud. Course was well-marked The hosts and volunteers were wonderful and kind. Great post-race meal.
69Sat Sep 6, 08Flatlanders 6HRSUnited States of America   (missouri - fenton)35 mi06:00:0056
Flatlanders 6HRS: This is a well-supported and flexible ultra. It got hot the last two hours but otherwise everything was good including post-event food and medal.
70Sun May 11, 08TIMTAM 50KUnited States of America   (iowa - ames)50 km05:43:3355
TIMTAM 50K: A quirky small and fun event. Informal, Great price.
71Sat Jul 21, 07Big Butt 50KMUnited States of America   (south carolina - lancaster)50 km04:57:4155
Big Butt 50KM: First event in new age division so it's nice to PR for 50k. Glad to get sub 5-hours.
72Sat Oct 14, 06John Holms 50KUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km05:34:0854
73Sat Oct 18, 03Croom Trail 50KUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km04:58:5251
Croom Trail 50K: Won RRCA southern region 50K age group champion for 2003. Nice trophy
74Sat Sep 21, 02Croom Trail 50KUnited States of America   (florida - brooksville)50 km05:44:2250
Croom Trail 50K: First Ultra


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