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So far Jack Cheng finished 49 races.     |     See Jack's profile     |     See Jack's future events

So far Jack Cheng finished 49 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sun Feb 17, 13Bandit 50kUnited States of America   (california - simi valley)50 km05:48:2341
2Sun Jan 27, 13Calico 50kUnited States of America   (california - calico, ca)50 km05:08:2041
3Sat Nov 17, 12Chimera 100United States of America   (california - cleveland national forest)100 mi30:49:1141
4Sat Oct 20, 12EC100United States of America   (california - corona)100 mi23:17:0041
5Sat Jul 21, 12AC100United States of America   (california - wrightwood)100 mi29:41:1140
6Sat Jun 9, 12SD100United States of America   (california - san diego)100 mi28:46:3540
7Sat May 19, 12Bishop High SierraUnited States of America   (california - bishop)100 km16:02:3140
8Sat Apr 21, 12Labor of LoveUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)100 mi25:44:0840
Labor of Love: 2012 Labor of Love is HOT
9Fri Mar 9, 12Coyote 2 MoonUnited States of America 100 mi45:10:0040
10Fri Mar 2, 12Los Angeles ChinatownUnited States of America 10 km00:41:5440
11Sat Feb 18, 12Rocky RoadUnited States of America   (california - coto de caza)100 mi26:37:3640
12Sun Jan 22, 12Calico 50KUnited States of America   (california - calico)50 km05:33:0540
13Sat Jan 14, 12Avalon 50United States of America   (california - avalon)50 mi09:13:0440
14Sun Dec 4, 11High Desert50 km04:44:4840
15Sat Nov 26, 11Red Rock50 mi12:57:0040
16Sat Aug 13, 11Mt. Disappointment 50K50 km06:31:0540
17Sat Jul 23, 11AC100100 mi29:47:4939
18Sat Jun 11, 11SD100100 mi27:37:1139
19Sat May 21, 11BHS 100K100 km14:12:4239
20Sat May 7, 11Miwok 100K100 km15:14:0039
21Sat Apr 9, 11Labor of Love 100M100 mi23:26:4239
22Sat Mar 5, 11SJT 50K50 km05:39:0039
23Sat Jan 15, 11Avalon 5050 mi09:45:0039
24Sun Dec 5, 10High Desert 50K50 km04:39:0039
25Sat Nov 27, 10Red Rock 40M40 mi09:42:0039
26Sat Oct 23, 10JJ100100 mi23:51:0339
27Sat Sep 25, 10Noble Canyon 50K50 km06:39:1639
28Sat Aug 28, 10AC100100 mi30:38:5039
29Sat Aug 21, 10Bulldog 50K50 km06:30:0039
30Sat Aug 7, 10Mt. Disappointment 50K50 km05:54:0038
31Sat Jul 10, 10Cuyamaca 3 Peaks50 km06:48:0038
32Sat Jun 12, 10SD100100 mi29:35:0038
33Sat May 15, 10BHS100100 km14:58:2838
34Sat May 8, 10PCT 50M50 mi09:55:2638
35Sat May 1, 10WWW5050 km05:54:4238
36Sat Apr 17, 10Leona Divide 5050 mi09:29:2438
37Sat Mar 27, 10Old Goat 50M50 mi10:22:0538
38Sat Mar 20, 10Oriflame 50K50 km05:29:0038
39Sat Mar 6, 10San Juan 50K50 km05:57:1938
40Sat Feb 20, 10OC100100 km10:20:5738
41Sat Jan 16, 10Avalon 50M50 mi09:18:0038
42Sun Dec 6, 09High Desert 50K50 km04:47:5738
43Sat Oct 31, 09JJ100100 km19:18:0038
44Sat Aug 22, 09Bulldog 50K50 km05:03:0038
45Sat Aug 8, 09Mt. Disappointment 50M50 mi11:13:3837
46Sun Jun 14, 09Holcomb Valley 33M33 mi07:06:0037
47Sat Jun 6, 09SD100100 mi29:34:0037
48Sat Mar 28, 09Old Goat 50M50 mi12:49:0237
49Sat Aug 9, 08Mt. Disappointment 50K50 km06:58:5237


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