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So far Tim Mullican finished 16 races.     |     See Tim's profile     |     See Tim's future events

So far Tim Mullican finished 16 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sat Jun 6, 15Shadow of the Giants   (california - fish camp)50 km06:44:4655
Shadow of the Giants: Wonderful weather, running through giant sequoias, what more could you want? REsults are here:
2Sat May 23, 15Jemez Mountain Trail Run   (new mexico - los alamos)50 km11:20:1055
Jemez Mountain Trail Run: This was a really tough course with 6400 feet total elevation gain, with a maximum elevation of 10,400 feet. It was a really well run event, but a very challenging course. It was also a couple of extra miles long by the admission of the race director.
3Sun Apr 5, 15Run 'Til You're Boared   (florida - jacksonville)50 km06:52:3055
Run 'Til You're Boared: Very flat and fast non-technical course consisting of five 6.2 mile loops.
4Sat Feb 14, 15Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run   (kansas - kansas city)50 km07:56:1254
Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run: Very hilly with over 5,000 feet elevation gain. Trails were also rough, muddy, and rocky in places. I had a great run though.
5Sat Dec 6, 14Riddlebox 50K   (ia - iowa - inwood)50 km06:16:0054
Riddlebox 50K: Missed a turn and ran 32.24 miles. Start and finish were in IA, but about 2/3 of the course was in South Dakota. The weather was splendid for December.
6Sat Nov 8, 14Icebox 480   (wisconsin - river falls)36 mi08:00:0054
Icebox 480: This was an 8 hour timed race.
7Sat Aug 23, 14Lean Horse50 mi11:20:1054
8Sat Jul 19, 14Junkyard Dog   (wisconsin - kewaskum)50 km07:54:5254
9Fri Jul 11, 14Lunar Trek   (kansas - scandia)50 km06:50:4554
10Sat Jun 21, 14Bighorn Wild and Scenic Trail Run   (wyoming - dayton)50 km08:49:2954
11Mon May 26, 14Trail Factor   (oregon - portland)50 km06:44:5354
12Sat May 17, 14Sage Burner 50K   (colorado - gunnison)50 km08:24:2054
13Sat Apr 12, 14Trail Mix 50K   (minnesota - rockford)50 km05:18:1054
Trail Mix 50K: Multiple loop course around a small lake. There was some mud, but relatively flat, and non-technical.
14Sat Mar 15, 14Hawkeye   (iowa - solon)50 km05:49:2053
15Sun Oct 27, 13G.O.A.T.z 50K trail run   (nebraska - omaha)50 km06:05:5053
G.O.A.T.z 50K trail run: Nice weather. I shattered my PR for the 50K by 1 hour and 50 minutes, even with the extra mileage (32 miles).
16Sat Sep 28, 13Sundance Trail Run   (wyoming - sundance)50 km07:57:0453
Sundance Trail Run: This was my first ultramarathon. There was approximately 5500 feet total elevation gain. Beautiful scenery including snow covered trees in the Bear Lodge Mountains.


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