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So far Deo Jaravata finished 319 races.
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Event DateEvent NameDistanceTimeAge
1Sun Nov 13, 11Malibu MarathonUnited States of America   (california - malibu)26.2 mi04:39:4746
Malibu Marathon: lots of hills. the first 10 miles is almost flat..running in camarillo. the last 13 miles is scenic..running along pch. i was doing a sub 4 the first half till i slowed down at mile 14. then slowed down more at mile 20. then the worst part was in mile 24. i was light headed and seems like i'll faint. then realized that i was too sleepy. it took me probably 30 minutes the last 2 miles. grrrr.
2Sat Nov 12, 11Catalina Eco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:03:0146
Catalina Eco Marathon: Due to the heavy rain...they used the alternate course w/ is way easier than the original course. muddy, foggy, cold and hills(but not as bad as the original. out and back course and the last5-6 miles is downhill w/c i love. i ran so fast the last 5 miles. got the second wind. hanged out with yolanda, kat and helen. they made a mistake in my time gave me 4:03 instead of 4:20(something)
3Sun Nov 6, 11New York City MarathonUnited States of America   (new york - new york)26.2 mi03:54:0646
New York City Marathon: yes..i can still break 4 hours!1 perfect running weather. i love nyc marathon. hopefully i get in again next year. my 5th nyc. took tons of pix
4Sun Oct 30, 11Richard Leary 6 HRSUnited States of America   (california - irvine)34 mi06:00:0046
Richard Leary 6 HRS: i won this race. good thing a faster runner who lapped me 3 or 4 times left early. probably to watch football.:) ran approximately 1.08 mile-course in William Mason park. i love loops!! btw got bib#22(my maniac number). Thanks sam for this race.
5Sun Oct 23, 11La Puente Main Street RunUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km54:12:0046
6Sun Oct 16, 11Nike Women's MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:58:4146
Nike Women's Marathon: yes...i can still break 4 hours. i wear a hot pink tutu(two-two maniacs#22) borrowed from jessica wabbitz w/ matching pink moebens, pink compression socks and pink cap with a tiara....i had so much fun.....perfect running weather. 3nd in my age group.
7Sun Oct 9, 11Long Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:01:3146
Long Beach Marathon: i love this event. it's getting bigger every year. lots of socal maniacs. i ran the first half faster. then i relaxed from 14-20 miles and said that ill pick up the pace that time. when i reached mile 20, i thought i'll break 4hours...but bonked the last 2.5 miles. darn!!. at mile 23(filipino group) i stopped to take a picture of a lechon(roasted pig). probably i might have a time of 3:59:59.:) i think my 6th marathon with between 4:00-4:02....
8Sat Oct 1, 11Chino Hills Trail Run MarathonUnited States of America   (california - brea)26.2 mi06:42:1046
Chino Hills Trail Run Marathon: very hot. good thing i registered for the marathon and not for the 50K. lots of climbing. nice to see local runners/friends. love the peeps.
9Sun Sep 25, 11Lake Tahoe MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south lake tahoe)26.2 mi05:39:2446
Lake Tahoe Marathon: racewalked this leg and took the early start @6:30am( 1.5 hr before the regular start). good decision since it's less crowded. lots of wonderful peeps at the finish(pope beach). i like to stay longer but we need to drive 8hrs back home :(....i might do this race again. ...i love this race!!
10Sat Sep 24, 11Cal-Neva MarathonUnited States of America   (california - tahoe city)26.2 mi04:45:5946
Cal-Neva Marathon: the easiest of the three but the longest by almost a mile. lots of downhills but a nasty climb around mile 24. cold dip at the end
11Fri Sep 23, 11Emerald Bay MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:49:2646
Emerald Bay Marathon: Day 1 of the triple is always the hardest because of the hills near the end plus not used to altitude yet. arrived very late the previous day. nice to meet regular triplers and new ones. the worst part of the course is near mile site..yucky fumes.
12Sun Sep 11, 11CAR Patriot's Day MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:49:3046
CAR Patriot's Day Marathon: beautiful course along the bike path. not very hot. lots of American flags. my left leg is still bothering me.
13Sat Sep 3, 11CAR Run Into Fall MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi05:04:0146
CAR Run Into Fall Marathon: not ready mentally. did not plan to run this race. supposed to be in nj/nyc. but IRENE messed up my plan. walked almost all the last 6 miles
14Sat Aug 27, 11Bulldog 50KUnited States of America   (california - calabasas)50 km07:30:0346
Bulldog 50K: very hot..100s. walked all the uphills and even the downhills during the second loop. puked several times. a gatorade bottle saved me. i only carried one water bottle. but after mile 22...theres 5.6 miles to the next aid station. a woman gave me a gatorade bottle and used it to carry additional water/gatorade. when it was empty, i used it to pour cold water from a creek at mile 27...then got a second wind.
15Sat Aug 20, 11CTR Cinderella MarathonUnited States of America   (california - oakland)26.2 mi05:37:2046
CTR Cinderella Marathon: perfect running weather but lots of hills. the worst was the one after the second aid station around mile 8.5. two loop-course.i love the downhills portion. beautiful trail course. asked three friends to volunteer so i can i can get a free race registration for the next CTR event.
16Sun Aug 14, 11E.T. Full Moon Midnight 51KUnited States of America   (nevada - rachel)51 km05:40:5646
E.T. Full Moon Midnight 51K: i love this race!! the first half is going up. i puke at mile 3 since i had a late dinner 7:30 and the race starts midnight. i'm kinda bloated. had lunch with my sister and friend at pink taco in Hard rock hotel(bus pick up).in the bus for 2.5hrs. i forgot my compression socks..darn! from mile 8-13 my legs were so heavy i have to walk. i guess it was not my day. but got a second wind at mile 13. ran the next 3-5 miles real fast and passed other runners......
17Sun Aug 7, 11CAR Run the Forest MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi04:42:5046
CAR Run the Forest Marathon: low key race. 4 2-loop course. was running fine till mile10. had a stomach cramp. after two hours the temperature went up...very hot.
18Sun Jul 31, 11Milo MarathonPhilippines   (manila)26.2 mi04:30:4946
Milo Marathon: almost DNS. my cellphone was 1 hr late. my flight from bangkok the previous day was delayed for 3 hrs. my cellphone kept the bkk time. i got up at 3:30(thinking that it was 2:30). since it was raining so hard, they might cancel the race. so i checked the internet. then i realized that it was already 4am. 4am is starting time for 42k. i rushed to the race venue. took a taxi. luckily, i live nearby. i saw the frontrunners already @ 5k mark. so when i arrived at MOA(mall of asia; race venue). i checked in my bag and my umbrella and started 30 minutes late. around 1k, i passed another late runner. then i was by myself the next 10k. around 12k mark i started passing slower runners. it was raining almost the whole race. i can take the rain but not the smoke from jeepneys, buses,etc....wet wet wet!!
19Sun Jul 24, 11Kawasan Falls MarathonPhilippines   (cebu - badian)26.2 mi04:31:3446
Kawasan Falls Marathon: beautiful course. not that hot. hilly course along the ocean. lots of local kids. my first run in the Visayas. took a non-aircondition bus ride from cebu city...3.5 hr bus ride. met two kenyans who eventually finished in the top two position. from the beggining of the race,i knew right away that it was not my day. both my lower legs were so tight the first 15k. i have to walked it. but around 20k they warmed up.
20Sat Jul 16, 11Fort Magsaysay 60KPhilippines   (nueva ecija)60 km07:41:5946
Fort Magsaysay 60K: wow..9th place. i lov this race. lots of rice field..rice field on the left and rice field on the right. saw lots of carabaos. lots of uphills. some of them are very long nd steep. humid and very HOT! the first 15k was throught the army base.saw lots of soldiers. since yhe race has no aids station(except for a roving army truck every 10-15k), i looked for my own crew. three college friends(anna,aida and ghie). they helped me with water,gatorade,coconut water and esp. ICE!! they drove me from manila to nueva ecija where we stayed for the night and drove me to the starting line @4am. then met me at 10k mark and every 5k. then 30k mark i told them that i need them to be at every 2-2.5k bec. of the heat!! i walk almost half of the a fast walker!!at the finish line i met them again with the RD Sir Jovie(a retired major general). got a free lunch.
21Sat Jul 9, 11CdO-Dahilayan 55KPhilippines   (bukidnon - cagayan de oro)57 km08:20:2246
CdO-Dahilayan 55K: wow...i love this race! lots of uphills, lots of trails(with lots of gravel)....and lots of pineapples!! dark the first 2 hours since we started @ 3:15am. humid and hot. the course is beautiful. ran through small towns with cheering children...through corn plantation and through del monte's pineapple plantation. very organized race. some runners have their own crew(support). but it's not really needed since they have aid station every 5k (and every 2.5k after 30k). they have water, juices, fruits(bananas, and the sweetest pineapple available on earth). some stations have boiled eggs, boiled sweet potatoes and suman(sticky rice dessert). it was 2k longer and the last 2k is straight steep uphills. ill do this race again if i'm in the philippines massages(3x) very cheap...also went to a riverrafting trip the previous day. was treated like a celebrity during the free carboload dinner and during the race and post race party..
22Sat Jun 25, 11CAR Running into Coto MarathonUnited States of America   (california - coto de caza)26.2 mi04:55:1246
CAR Running into Coto Marathon: very hot!! lots of legs were tight the first five miles. cool medal design(homer simpson running naked).
23Sun Jun 19, 11CAR Runnin' with Dad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:20:5046
CAR Runnin' with Dad Marathon: perfect running weather...a 6 laps course. i love laps or loops. my legs were so heavy. it was a very busy weekend for me. went to bed late friday night(u2 concert)and fb. then got up early saturday to do my regular run. then went to family party(niece 1st, another niece 6th and sister's 50th plus fathers day). then left for san diego to my godchild's 18th. miles of tired. then got up at 4am and headed to long beach for this marathon...excuses! excuses!
24Sun Jun 12, 11Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run10KUnited States of America   (california - west hollywood)10 km51:24:0046
25Sun Jun 5, 11Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi05:59:3846
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: my 14th RNR(legacy). my 24th of 2011(253overall). . walked due to left foot injury(soft tissue). i caught up with Yolanda at mile 4 and we walked till mile 17. she went to the restroom and i went ahead. at mile 20 i got that second wind and walked faster(or racewalked). too bad i was not wearing my racewalking shoes. met lots of maniacs. kinda hot...nothing in the goodie bag. i will not do this race if i havent done the last 13. i hate competitor racing(organizer)
26Sat May 28, 11Nanny Goat 12/24hr 100 milesUnited States of America   (california - riverside)100 mi23:35:3346
Nanny Goat 12/24hr 100 miles: my first 100 miler. wow at last i did it!! got lots of blisters.. fun race with local runners(and maniacs). i did not stop to sleep at all. im afraid that my legs will sleep too. i took a caffeine tablet. next year ill do the 12hr race. i need my beauty rest.zzzzzzzz
27Sun May 22, 11CAR Running the Newport Trails MarathonUnited States of America   (california - irvine)26.2 mi04:52:1946
CAR Running the Newport Trails Marathon: #22 of 2011. perfect running weather. beautiful course along newport/irvine back bay. ran the first 10 miles with laura and ward. slowed down a lot the last 13 miles. right knee and tummy problem. ..and my legs kinda heavy. a bad idea to spend a lot of time in the jacuzzi the day b4 the race.
28Sun May 15, 11Zazzle Bay to BreakersUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)12 km02:25:1946
29Sun May 8, 11CAR Rockin' the Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:09:2246
CAR Rockin' the Beach Marathon: #21 of 2011(#250 overall). to honor all mothers, i wore my pink maniacs shirt with matching pink moebens, pink hat, pink compression socks. mothers are the real DIVAs. i was third after the first 3 laps(of 6). then i passed the second guy right after the 3rd lap and i can se the guy in 1st(less than 200m). then i need to use the bathroom. then realiazed that im having a hard time urinating. so i slowed down. they passed my again and was behind by almost half a mile. then i ran weel the 5th lap. passed one guy around mile 21 and the other guy in mile 22. yes i won the race!! but again very small marathon..ssshhh.
30Sat May 7, 11CAR May Day Madness MarathonUnited States of America   (california - dove canyon)26.2 mi05:22:1146
CAR May Day Madness Marathon: tough course. lots of long uphills. struggled the last 7 miles but still finished first. ssshhh only handful runners. and the fastest runner started early(her time is more than an hour faster) Good Job Nadia!!
31Sun May 1, 11Vancouver MarathonUnited States of America   (bc - vancouver)26.2 mi03:50:1046
Vancouver Marathon: #19 of 2011(#248 overall). perfect running weather. felt good. ran just infront of the 3:40 pace group at 10k mark till they passed at 23k mark... then my right knee bother me the last 6k. but very satisfied with my time. ...i dont drink coffee that much. but i think drinking coffee b4 the race helped me...gave me that push...
32Sat Apr 23, 11Sycamore Canyon 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km07:16:1046
Sycamore Canyon 50K: already tired after 2 miles. had a hard time breathing. had no energy probably due to very early dinner(4:30pm). weather is Ok. not very hot. beautiful course.
33Sat Apr 9, 11Diamond Valley Lake MarathonUnited States of America   (california - hemet)26.2 mi03:57:1246
Diamond Valley Lake Marathon: yes... i can still break 4 hours. nice run around a beautiful lake. it was so organized the previous years i ran it. but this year, i dont know what happened. so many problems like no safety pin at the start, slow packet pick up, finishers medal not ready at the finish line, some marathon runners were given a 5k bib. i just hope that they will have this race again and will improve next year. btw it was cold. i kinda pulled my left calf muscle at mile 8. but was ok around mile 9. ran it at an easy pace. and...yes i finished 3rd in my age group (40-49)
34Sun Apr 3, 11CAR Rock the Ocean MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:12:4546
CAR Rock the Ocean Marathon: #16 of 2011(#245 overall)perfect running weather. very relax the last half...i was third after the first 13 miles. then the 2nd place guy ended up doing the half and the first place guy slowed down after the first half and i passed him around mile 19.
35Sun Mar 27, 1122nd Annual Bataan Memorial Death MarchUnited States of America   (new mexico - white sands)26.2 mi04:25:0046
22nd Annual Bataan Memorial Death March: wow what an experience!! my 2nd NM marathon. probably ill do the 50 states again...nope. too expensive. wnating to do this race to honor the wwII veterans. i flew to el paso and drove for 45 miles to white sands missile army base. stayed for two night inside their gym for free. so i brought my sleeping bag and towel. i need to save money. the noise doesnt bother me so i have no problem sleeping there. the race is kinda hard. the first few miles of sand pit did not bother me. the sand pit at mile 21/22 did...and the strong head wind from mile 8 to 13. hills on those miles too. i love the downhill part before mile 20. i started near the back so i can see all the marchers(thousands of them). i even saw some filipino participants and some marathon maniacs on the course. i ran with my Philippine flag and gave it to a veteran at the finish. Before heading back to El Paso, i went to see the White Sands National Park. cool. i might to this race again..a must do marathon!! ...and Bataan is pronounce as three syllables..BA-TA-AN!!
36Sun Mar 20, 11Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:28:3946
Los Angeles Marathon: racewalk. wet wet wet, cold. heavy downpour at some point.i called it "i forgot my shampoo marathon". the worst one was at the last half mile. but i love the course. i went to the side to pee at least 7 times. took the 4:50 school bus from pacoima as prt of SRLA. i have 7 kids ran it. unfortunately one did not finish due to hypothermia.
37Sat Mar 12, 11Catalina MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:53:4546
Catalina Marathon: took the 2:30am boat from long beach. rocky boat ride. only 20 passengers. the boat headed to avalon to picked up 600 runners. perfect running weather. not too cold and not hot at all and not windy. but it was not my day. as usual i planned to walk all the hills. i cramped at mile 18. but had a strong finish( the last 3 downhill miles).then when i sat both my calves were cramping....awwwwww.
38Sat Feb 26, 11Rocky Road Endurance 50KUnited States of America   (california - coto de caza)50 mi09:32:0145
Rocky Road Endurance 50K: My First 50 miler!! im overdue to run this distance. cold and muddy. it was raining the first hour. lots of hills in this horse trail course(3x15 miles + 5 mile out and back). lots of local ultra runners. plan to walk all the hills and run all downhills. i love the downhill part.
39Mon Feb 21, 11CAR President's Day MarathonUnited States of America   (california - playa del rey)26.2 mi04:21:5145
CAR President's Day Marathon: ******** this race qualified me to the next level PLATINUM!small race along the bike path in Playa Del Rey/Manhattan Beach. Perfecet running weather.
40Sat Feb 19, 11CTR Golden Trail Run 50KUnited States of America   (california - sausalito)50 km06:37:5345
CTR Golden Trail Run 50K: rain, hail, hills, mud!! very scenic race. registered for a marathon but upgraded to 50k. only 11 50k finishers.
41Sun Feb 13, 11CAR Hugs and Kisses MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:08:0745
CAR Hugs and Kisses Marathon: number 9 of 2011.i missed the start. they moved the race start to 5:30. i started with the half marathoners. wore my pink marathon diva shirt with matching pink moebens and pink zensa compression socks.
42Sat Feb 12, 11CAR Love Your Heart MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi03:56:5545
CAR Love Your Heart Marathon: number8 of 2011.cold the first 4 miles. 4x6 mile loop = 2 mile out and back.
43Sun Feb 6, 11Surf City MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:51:1945
Surf City Marathon: CHEESEHEAD ! CHEESEHEAD! CHEESEHEAD! heard this cheer non-stop. i wore a Wisconsin Cheesehead to support the Green Bay Packers. I fumbled it twice. perfect running weather.overcast, no sun. saw lots of maniacs...and yes another sub 4. i guess i can still run a sub 4. btw packers 31 steelers 25.
44Sun Jan 30, 11CAR Run in the Sun Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi03:59:5945
CAR Run in the Sun Marathon Marathon: my third win of the year!.shhhhhh handful runners(low key). it was a cold race for socal. i love loop course(6 x 4.37). i was behind a newbie the first 5laps. then got him the last lap(b4 the last lap's 1st mile). actually im not competetive. he just slowed down and was cramping. i even gave him salt tablet. ran with a skin infection somewhere hidden:) im very satisfied with result.
45Sat Jan 22, 11CAR Lake Forest Bike Path MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake forest)26.2 mi03:59:0945
CAR Lake Forest Bike Path Marathon: yes!! i can still do a sub 4hr marathon. 4 figure 8 laps plus a 2 mile out and back at the end. finished first since only handful runners participated.
46Sun Jan 16, 11Calico Trail Run 50KUnited States of America   (california - barstow)50 km06:19:3845
Calico Trail Run 50K: very scenic course. start and finish in Calico ghost town.i hate running through the sand. lots of steep hills and rocky dowhills. i fell on my ass and had a little bruised. will run again next year.
47Sat Jan 15, 11CAR Cali Gold Rush MarathonUnited States of America   (california - la habra)26.2 mi04:53:2045
CAR Cali Gold Rush Marathon: new CAR course. beautiful trail. passes through the equestrian center. nice viwe of the snow-capped mountain. 5 lollipop laps. tough hills
48Sun Jan 9, 11CAR Rock the Canal MarathonUnited States of America   (california - riverside)26.2 mi04:41:3745
CAR Rock the Canal Marathon: very small race along Gage Canal. ran through orange groves and ranches/farm. did lots of walking. racewalked a half marathon the previous day in irvine. so i call this weekend races as rhe SOCAL goofy race(Disney Goofy in Orlando). placed 3rd overall.
49Sun Jan 2, 11CAR Kicking Off the New Year MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:03:0545
CAR Kicking Off the New Year Marathon: my first marathon win(actually supposed to be the 2nd). very small race. very cold. thanks to the gift i received christmas. wore the new running gloves and running beanie. did 6 figure 8 loops. at first we have to only run 4...then, right before finishing my 3rd lap, i saw the half marathoners finishing.. so mentally its was hard.
50Sun Dec 26, 10Operation Jack Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - manhattan beach)26.2 mi04:07:1445
Operation Jack Marathon Marathon: #22nine......did this race to support Sam and Train for Autism. perfect running weather. almost same course as the last marathon i ran two days ago. ran through the bike path. saw lots of my running buddies(local maniacs).
51Fri Dec 24, 10CAR Christmas Eve Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - playa del rey)26.2 mi04:20:5045
CAR Christmas Eve Marathon Marathon: #22eight!!...wore my nike Maniac22 shirt for the first time. but i ordered large w/c as too big.only six runners. very quiet race the first 2 hours..lots of surfers in manhantan beach.
52Sun Dec 5, 10Las Vegas MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi04:13:2445
Las Vegas Marathon: #22seven...ran it as elvis... did vegas to support yolanda"the walking diva". met lots of maniacs. ran with cheri at mile 2 or 3. passed larry macon at mile 5 and then yolanda at mile 6.i thought i will really have a bad time since i had a minor food poisoning that week. gave a salt tablet to a runner cramping at mile will be my last rnr event.9(except for sd). way too expensive...i dont like to support competitor events....
53Sun Nov 28, 10Thanksgiving Triple Day3 (running off the turkey)United States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:33:5045
Thanksgiving Triple Day3 (running off the turkey): #22six...beautiful beachfront course. 2 out and back course. from warner ave to beach bl. during the last lap the wind arrived. very windy!
54Sat Nov 27, 10Thanksgiving Triple Day2 ( weekend Trail)United States of America   (california - coto de casa)26.2 mi05:04:4145
Thanksgiving Triple Day2 ( weekend Trail): #22five...2 laps out and back Hilly horse trail course. beautiful houses. cold.
55Fri Nov 26, 10thanksgiving Triple Day1 (Feeling Stuffed)United States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:20:4345
thanksgiving Triple Day1 (Feeling Stuffed): #22four...very cold. ran 4 figure-eight laps. i walked most of the first lap due to stiff and tight feet. warmed up after the first lap. low key.
56Sun Nov 21, 10PCT Santa Monica Mountains 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km06:47:4045
PCT Santa Monica Mountains 50K: #22three...beautiful course. lots of tough hills. muddy. but at least it did not rain. i love views of PCH and the mountains.
57Sun Nov 14, 10Malibu MarathonUnited States of America   (california - malibu)26.2 mi04:18:3545
Malibu Marathon: the 2nd day of my weekend double. flat the first 8 miles... and then lots of hills along PCH. lots of maniacs. i love this marathon. hanged out by the malibu coast. ill run it again next year!! i love the coconut water ZICO!! no puking this time.
58Sat Nov 13, 10Catalin Eco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:50:5845
Catalin Eco Marathon: my fourth time running this marathon. so i have a green bib for running all four years(legacy). HILLS!! and after running for an hour, i was bothered by the Heat. the steep hill at mile 19 is the worst. i saw a buffalo at that point though. i took the 6:15am catalina express boat ride to avalon(from long beach) with yolanda. came back to mainland LA around 6pm. need to be back home since i have to watch the boxing bout of Filipino legend Pacquiao. he won.
59Sun Nov 7, 10Santa Clarita MarathonUnited States of America   (california - santa clarita)26.2 mi04:07:4145
Santa Clarita Marathon: This marathon is my substitute(Plan B) for NYC!perfect running weather. ran with afast half marathoner the first 3 miles. but the pace is too fast for me. 4 hr. pace group passed me before mile 18. i can run with them but i dont like to push myself. i ended up running with the "mahonney's"(jon and sherry). met lots of local runners. i like running through the paseos.
60Sun Oct 17, 10Long Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:13:2045
Long Beach Marathon: perfect running weather. stated @wave 5(20+ minutes after the elites). i know the first few miles that i will be hard for me to break 4 hrs. did walk all the uphills. lots of filipino volunteers. i stop at mile 24 to taste the roasted pig. the jet blue baggage c/k was a mess.
61Sun Oct 10, 10Portland MarathonUnited States of America   (oregon - portland)26.2 mi05:09:5045
Portland Marathon: racewalked. pouring rain!! the last time i rw was back in july in a 5000m race. i was just behind the 5hr pace group. passed them around mile 7 and passed me back right before the mile17. i hate that hill..going over that bridge. i thought i can keep up with them but i slowed down more at mile 18. then i thought ill get a second wind after mile i realiezed that sub 5hr time's not possible. my body hurts all over. i recovered faster duing the tahoe triple than this racewalking in the rain event. i volunteered my seat back to burbank and took a flight to lax after 3hrs(supposed to to only an hour, but flight was delayed). got a $300 voucher. so i guess i have to do it again next year and at the same time visit my niece @Reed. but reg. fee is way too much $135!!
62Sun Oct 3, 10Camarillo MarathonUnited States of America   (california - camarillo)26.2 mi04:06:3845
Camarillo Marathon: overcast...nice perfect running weather. almost flat course. run and walked the first 6 miles. right foot is stiff and needs to warm-up. after 6.5 miles, the tighness went away. ran well from mile 6.5 to 14. nice local race. i hate mile 23 where you can see the finish line...grrr!!
63Sun Sep 26, 10Tahoe Triple Day 3 (Lake Tahoe)United States of America   (california - lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:43:0045
Tahoe Triple Day 3 (Lake Tahoe): wow..... i love this marathon!! very scenic. took lots of pix. i already ready to register for next year. emerald is so beautiful. i hate that climb from mile 14 to 17. walk almost all uphills. and ran fast all the downhill esp. after emerald bay. received a plaque for finishing all three marathons.
64Sat Sep 25, 10Tahoe Triple Day 2 (Cal-Neva)United States of America   (california - lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:33:5345
Tahoe Triple Day 2 (Cal-Neva): lots of downhill the first half...and loved them. i was running pretty well the first 12 miles. then got tired.......just dont have that energy. but well i finished it under 5hrs. saw maniac quicksilver eating hotdog @ 7-11. asked for a soda.....more scenic than Day 1. slower by 7 seconds
65Fri Sep 24, 10Tahoe Triple Day 1 (Emerald Bay)United States of America   (california - lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:33:0545
Tahoe Triple Day 1 (Emerald Bay): very scenic esp. @ emerald bay and cave rock. i think the hardest of all three. narrow shoulders at some point. walked almost all uphills.
66Fri Sep 17, 10CAR Vision Blind Center MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:05:5045
CAR Vision Blind Center Marathon: perfect running weather(overcast the whole time) along huntington beach. two 13.1(6.5 out and back)laps. did way better than last year. decided to run this marathon the previous day. glad i ran this race.
67Sat Aug 14, 10Helsinki MarathonFinland   (helsinki)26.2 mi04:35:1245
Helsinki Marathon: weird 3pm start. went to a museum that morning. it was raininb that morning too. the race was hilly. it was hot and very humid. i had a tummy problem too from the pie i ate 3hours before the race. met other maniacs from NY(Richard and Zander)
68Sat Aug 7, 10GGVIII MarathonGermany   (cologne)26.2 mi04:09:5845
GGVIII Marathon: two lapped course. almost flat. very organized. ran through a farm, park. when i finished, my left leg cramped. i asked for ice but they misunderstood me. i was carried by two german!!
69Sun Jul 4, 10Milo Marathon MarathonPhilippines   (manila)26.2 mi04:55:0045
Milo Marathon Marathon: Hot, humid and Stinky!!.very organized race though. you have to run with smoke coming out of buses, jeepneys, cars, ets. i was sweating already before the race start. i walked a lot!!
70Sun Jun 13, 10L.a. Pride RunUnited States of America   (california - west hollywood)10 km49:45:0045
71Sun Jun 13, 10Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride RunUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)15 km01:21:5845
72Sun Jun 6, 10Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi04:10:2345
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: my 13th rnr!! overcast the first 2 hours..but humid. i ran 1:52 the first half so i knew right away that under 4 will not be possible. so i relaxed and walked parts of the second half. they changed the course and finished near sea world. had dinner with other maniacs the previous night. i do the same routine every year in this race. leave LA around 530am, run 4 miles in balboa park with frsd, sleep, run the marathon, watch the concert, then the ff day have my dental appointment......then visits my friends in chula vista. then dropped by another friend in san marcos on the way back home.....already registered for the next year's rnr!!
73Sat May 29, 10Nanny Goat 50KUnited States of America   (california - riverside)50 mi12:00:0045
Nanny Goat 50K: my first 12hr race. i did 50 miles..50laps around the 1mile horse ranch course. i should ran the evening version of this race. toooooo HOT!! i vomited at least once due to the HEAT(mid90's). i almost quit after six new to this kind of race. lots of wonderful ultra runners/volunteers... love this event..will do it again next year....
74Sun May 16, 10CAR Going Bananas MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south el monte)26.2 mi04:42:3545
CAR Going Bananas Marathon: 12 laps on a 2.2 mile course in Legg Lake park. walked a lot after 7 laps.Happy Birthday Jessica!! to reward myself for running the double-marathon weekend, i saw a concert that night. the norwegian 80's band A-ha.
75Sat May 15, 10Palos Verdes MarathonUnited States of America   (california - palos verdes)26.2 mi04:12:1245
Palos Verdes Marathon: it seems like every year..they added more hills. ran it very easy. walked all the hills.
76Sat May 8, 10CAR Escape to Ayala Park 50KUnited States of America   (california - chino)50 km05:23:1445
CAR Escape to Ayala Park 50K: Very Hot!! did 17 1.8mile course + a .5 mile out and back. 2nd overall. sshhhh(only 3 did the 50k).did some walk breaks. did not cramped at all
77Sun May 2, 10OC MarathonUnited States of America   (california - newport beach)26.2 mi04:09:2745
OC Marathon: Perfect running weather. first half is scenic. cramped at mile 13(calves). so ran/walked with maniac james.
78Sun Apr 4, 10PCT Sycamore Canyon 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km06:57:5645
PCT Sycamore Canyon 50K: tough!!too many long steep hills. overcast most of the time.very scenic and organized. my lower legs(shin) was so tight the first three miles. i love the downhills....but wlaked all the uphills!!
79Sun Mar 28, 10Oakland MarathonUnited States of America   (california - oakland)26.2 mi04:14:0745
Oakland Marathon: lots of hills..the hardest in mile9. perfect running weather. organized race. from the first 3 miles, i already know that wont break 4hrs... my lower legs were too tight(shin). free beer at the end. but since i dont drink beer i gave my tickets to two other runners.a very worthwhile weekend..visited friends from the eastbay...i should run with my A's shirt. im an A's since '88. will i do this race again? if they will not increase the reg. fee, i will run this race again.
80Sun Mar 21, 10LA Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:36:5845
LA Marathon Marathon: racewalked 1st in my div(40-49). 3rd or 4th overall. perfect running weather. i love the new course..from dodgers went downtown and chinatown..then to echo park, silverlake,hollywood,weho,west la,brentwood and finish about 1/4 mile south of santa mmonica pier..trained 7 students in my hs to run this..part of SRLA. but waited for almost 4hrs for the school bus...grrrr!!
81Sun Mar 7, 10Run Deo RunUnited States of America   (california - s. el monte)45 km04:44:4045
Run Deo Run: my 200th marathon(ultra) on my __th birthday!!a very small race(around 30)...and i know most of them. my running club had a picnic afterwards with my extended, fun and no rain!!
82Sun Feb 21, 10Pasadena MarathonUnited States of America   (california - pasadena)26.2 mi04:01:0444
Pasadena Marathon: my first marathon in almost 3 months. i like to have my 200th on my birthday, so i took off running marathons.the weather is perfect but the course is hard(lots of hills and pavement is hard) i ran with some maniacs and local runners i've met over the years. i thought i will break under 4 hrs. after mile 20 i slowed down but my pace can still go under 4. but the last 1/2 mile my legs were heavy and tired..and went up my head too. i was just mentally my next race would be my 200th!!
83Sun Nov 29, 09CAR Running Off the Turkey MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south el monte)26.2 mi04:38:0044
CAR Running Off the Turkey Marathon: third day of the triple. did 12 laps(about 2.2mile per lap). i ran extra .1 mile, i think. thaks james for showing me the right path. and thanks also for telling me that we're only doing 12 laps( not 13). less than a mile before finishing my 2nd to the last lap, i step on a pine cone(?) and twist me ankle. but luckily i rubbed my magic "katinko"(tiger balm competitor)from manila. the pain went away. when i got to the water stop for my last mile, i was told that my time is 4:20. so i need to run fast to have a 4:38 time....and my finishing is exactly 4:38! my last lap was the fastest of the 12 laps. so for the three day marathon i have a finishing time of 13 hours!! yippee!! now, i have to relax for 2 1/2 months for my next marathon. i need to run my 200th on my birthday in will be the "Run Deo Run 45k and Half".
84Sat Nov 28, 09Thanksgiving Weekend MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:18:0044
Thanksgiving Weekend Marathon: a lot harder than the first of the triple. too much concrete and hills. and windy the last loop. the course is 5 (2-looped) laps. i ran with alex(from seattle) the first lap. it's his first marathon. same with supposed to run seattle. i passed james the third lap and got a third place trophy(he neat me for third place the ff day)
85Fri Nov 27, 09Feeling Stuffed MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi04:04:0044
Feeling Stuffed Marathon: very cold at the start. 10 laps of 2.6miles. small and very intimate race. another race by charline alewine racing. i ran with fiona and guy(a south african couple from sf) the 1st, 2nd and 5th lap. they finished after 5laps. they did the half. nice couple. since they forgot their ipod, my voice and stories were the subtitutes. met sally, nadia, james, yolanda, mg...but the cousins JQ and Jessica overslept and missed the race. i think they choked on a turkey bone. *** im registered to run seattle and seattle ghost but airfare way too expensive. so this thanksgiving triple was the replacement. thanks charlie!!..13 marathons in 10 weeks!! yes 7 stars...*******
86Sun Nov 22, 09Santa Monica Trails Run 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km06:55:2644
Santa Monica Trails Run 50K: very scenic. beatiful view of santa monica mountains and malibu coast. very hard hilly course. twisted my ankle the first loop. very organized. i'll do this race again next year.
87Sun Nov 15, 09Malibu Intl. MarathonUnited States of America   (california - malibu)26.2 mi04:33:2044
Malibu Intl. Marathon: i love this race. very organized. ran through farms in camarillo, passed through point mugu and ran along the malibu coast. very scenic but lots of hills and some points...very windy. they gave a finisher's towel.
88Sat Nov 14, 09Catalina Eco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:33:0044
Catalina Eco Marathon: i was 8 minutes late. so the first 2 miles, im running/walking by myself.i caught up my runners between 3-4 miles. very hilly but the weather is perfect. they deducted(i think) 5 minutes from my time instead of 8 minutes. i dont really care anyway. i love the last three miles..the downhill part. but around mile 24.5, my left leg froze. so i have to do lots of walking. then exactly mile 25,i left calf. i walked almost all the uphills.
89Sun Nov 8, 09Santa Clarita MarathonUnited States of America   (california - santa clarita)26.2 mi03:54:5044
Santa Clarita Marathon: yes!! another marathon under 4. almost identical to last week's nyc. nice local race running through bike paths and paseos. weather's ok. lots of local volunteers from schools. i even asked some girls scouts volunteers "where are the cookies?";) my back-up for nyc. this year the two races were in different days.
90Sun Nov 1, 09New York MarathonUnited States of America   (new york - new york)26.2 mi03:55:1944
New York Marathon: yes!! i can still break four hours. perfect running weather. ran with my camera and took lots of pix. i planned to run this easy and do it between 4:15-4:30. i love this race but way too expensive. stayed @zander's apt west 73rd st.
91Sun Oct 25, 0918th Annual Main Street Halloween RunUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km52:42:0044
92Sat Oct 24, 09CAR Brandi Cowan Trail 50KUnited States of America   (california - coto de caza)50 km07:06:0044
CAR Brandi Cowan Trail 50K: HOT! Hills, hills, hills. just like catalina but instead of having an oceanwview you'll have a view of the freeway:). hard course. planned to run the 26.2. but since i walked all the uphills,i did not put much effort and so relax and did the 50k race instead. i love charlie alewine racing family!! i ended up 2nd overall in the 50k race.(ssshhhhh, dont ask how many finishers in the 50k race)
93Sat Oct 17, 09Christopher Columbus MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south el monte)26.2 mi04:27:0044
Christopher Columbus Marathon: very small race(only 9 rumnners).2nd overall. hot!! a figure 8 loop course. got lost the first lap. did an extra 1/2 loop to make up the difference.
94Sun Oct 11, 09Long Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:13:2244
Long Beach Marathon: perfect running weather. very organized race. it's their 25th year. first time they did the wave start every 5 minutes. i starter @ wave four just behind the 4:30 pace group. did ok the first 10 miles. then mile 12 i so tired(mentally). by half way point, i knew that i wont break 4hrs. so relaxed and did lots of walking. met so many maniacs and local runners. traffic was bad in the morning. the previous day(expo) i took the metro. it took me almost two hours. grrr!! lots of filipino runners and volunteers. at mile 23 they even have a lechon(trditional roast pig). they invited me to stop and eat. i love this race!!
95Sat Oct 10, 09Say No To Drugs 5KUnited States of America   (california - playa de rey)5 km24:33:0044
96Sat Oct 10, 09Students Run LA - Say No To Drugs 5K United States of America   (dockweiler beach, ca - playa del rey)5 km24:33:0044
97Sun Oct 4, 09Portland MarathonUnited States of America   (oregon - portland)26.2 mi05:12:1544
Portland Marathon: i racewalked this marathon and finished 2nd overall male racewalker. it's one of the handful marathon with a judged racewalking division. very organized race. weather is perfect. a huge hill before mile 17 going up the bridge. i did this race back 1999. lots of goodies at the finish. i'll do this race again till my niece graduated at Reed College. spent some time with her. nice small campus.
98Sun Sep 27, 09Tahoe Triple Day 3United States of America   (california - tahoe city to so. lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:50:5144
Tahoe Triple Day 3: the most scenic of the three days. more runners because triplers ran with the regular marathoners and half-marathoners. i love this race...and i'll do it again next year. it's like a mini- reunion. Jeanette, mG, Yolanda, Levi, LT, Guillermo, Robert, Bart,Ed..luv you guys!!
99Sat Sep 26, 09Tahoe Triple Day 2United States of America   (california - spooner lake to tahoe city)26.2 mi04:37:5444
Tahoe Triple Day 2: easiest and my fastest of the three days. more downhills than uphills. but there'e a big climb at mile 24. weather is a lot better.
100Fri Sep 25, 09Tahoe Triple Day 1United States of America   (california - south lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:54:2344
Tahoe Triple Day 1: first day of the tahoe triple. HOT! and hilly!! lots of fast cars on the road. the last two miles was tough.
101Sun Sep 20, 09Playa Del Run 5KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)5 km22:10:0044
102Sat Sep 5, 09Beachfront MarathonUnited States of America   (california - hintington beach)26.2 mi05:20:2344
Beachfront Marathon: Hot!!! my pw for a road marathon.
103Sat Aug 22, 09Bulldog 50KUnited States of America   (california - calabasas)50 km06:39:5144
Bulldog 50K: i the raffle(a hammer gel). tough hilly course. it was overcast the first lap and the first half of the second lap. but after that the sun came out. i walked all the hills as planned. very organized race.
104Sun Aug 9, 09E.T. Full Moon Midnight MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - rachel)26.2 mi04:28:5844
E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon: unique marathon in area51(2 hr drive from vegas). started midnite. hilly and windy 1st 13 miles. a very steep hill at mile 12. i cant get any faster. was cramping around 12 1/2mile. got the second, runners at mile 13. was running a lot faster from mile13 to mile 18.finish line at alien inn. very satisfied with everything. will run it again!!
105Sun Jul 26, 09Outgames II MarathonDenmark   (copenhagen)26.2 mi04:24:1944
Outgames II Marathon: perefct weather. litle bit windy at some part of the course(near the opera house). the first water station was almost at 9k mark. almost a three loop course. nice course though. one of my slowest marathon. well i guess i need to rest.....
106Sun Jul 5, 09Gold Coast MarathonAustralia   (qld - gold coast)26.2 mi04:30:0844
Gold Coast Marathon: lax-mnl-syd-ool: my flight plan. the first 5k my lower right were vere tight. it would be a long day. the course is ok except the last boring is ok. took some pix along the course. note: the day before the race met zander and richard(ny)
107Sun Jun 28, 09Paa-tibayan 50KPhilippines   (quezon city)50 km06:05:1444
Paa-tibayan 50K: i planned to run the KL marathon. since the airfare from manila to kl is expensive, i ended up doing this. it's a lot cheaper. only P1500(about $32). the race started 1am at UP(university of the philippines). negatives: dark, hot and humid, potholes, stinky,polluted,smokes from buses,cars and jeepneys, hills, 45km mark at the finish line. positives: well-organized race, light rain the first hour, friendly runners and volunteers, course marshall(city police) for every runner. i placed 8th overall(shhhh...only 20+ did the 50k. 50+ ran the 100k)
108Sun Jun 14, 09Los Angeles Frontrunners Annual Pride RunUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km32:58:0044
109Sun May 31, 09Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi04:26:0644
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: perfect running weather(pr weather). overcast and some light drizzle. but one of my worst rnr. it was my 12th rnr. i ran the first six miles easy thinking that run faster later part of the race. well, i was so lazy and tired. i love the free PF Changs lettuce wrap. stayed for the mini English Beat concert with johnny and nick(NY)
110Mon May 25, 09Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:23:0644
Los Angeles Marathon: first la.a marathon on a monday. perfect running weather. everyone expected the marathon to be hot. trained seven students in my school(SRLA). all of them finished. tried my new tied-dye moeben's. i love it. i racewalked this marathon and was the third overall racewalker.
111Sat May 9, 09Ayala Park RunUnited States of America   (california - chino)32.4 mi06:08:0044
Ayala Park Run: to your own race..3hrs,6hrs,12hrs,half, full, 50k. ran around the park w/c is 1.806 miles. i planned to run the marathon. but after 6 laps, i decided that i should do the 50k. i ended up doing the 6hr race. i did the last two miles with maniac tom. good decision since i ended up placing second....sshhhh(only two of us ran the 6hr race). and two ran the 12hr ric& steve(?). met nice and worderful local runners. like to spend more time with them but i need to go since i'm a chaperone for our school's prom. the race is small are very organized. cool the first 2 hours but warmed up after that. hot! miseed the green arrow the first lap. at least i was not alone. thank you charlie(rd) for the well organized race. see you again next year.
112Sun May 3, 09OC MarathonUnited States of America   (california - newport beach)26.2 mi05:41:1644
OC Marathon: weather's ok. but since i racewalked this, i spent more hours on the course and got warmer the last two hours. i forgot my sunblock. i'm sunburned!!my worst rw marathon. i should run it next time. the course 1st half is pretty. but the second half....boring! they don't have vaseline. i was chafing badly in both my armpits. i got some vaseline from barefoot maniac and from a firetruck. but still i got scabs ...
113Sat May 2, 09Palos Verdes MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san pedro)26.2 mi04:35:2744
Palos Verdes Marathon: my 4th pv(and my slowest). perfect weather. my legs were already tight and heavy the first few miles. i thought i will have a second wind the second half. it did not happen. grrrrr!! met lots of local maniacs though..... sheriff silver, jeannette, walkind diva,mitch,barefootken, david, sally(& her dad). after the race headed to costa mesa to pick up oc marathon's race packet.note:i heard a rumor during the pv race that they might cancell oc marathon due to some runners from mexico might have the swine flu....weird!!??!
114Sun Apr 26, 09Big Sur International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - big sur/carmel)26.2 mi03:58:4844
Big Sur International Marathon: wow!! very beautiful...but so windy. i was just behind the 3:40 pace group the first six miles. but because of the strong head wind i decided to slow down and take my early walk breaks. the 4:00 pace group passed me around mile12 and passed them back at the downhill part before the half way point. the 4:00 pace group was just 100 yards behind me the last 10 miles(at least). fortunately, my time was under 4 hrs...i did big sur back in was also the last time i drove the ca central coast. i love this marathon. it's in my top 10. i even invited my mom, sister and niece to be with me in this trip. my first time to visit the hearst castle too.
115Mon Apr 20, 09Boston MarathonUnited States of America   (massachusetts - boston)26.2 mi03:51:2344
Boston Marathon: first and probably my last boston**. i love the race. cold and windy. lots of fast runners. i didnt realize that boston course has significant no. of hills. kissed six girls at wesseley college.
116Sun Mar 22, 09Pasadena MarathonUnited States of America   (california - pasadena)26.2 mi03:56:0344
Pasadena Marathon: rain!! very organized. the course went to nice pasadena neighborhood including the rosebowl. too many out and back though. pcc has a nice small campus,
117Sat Mar 21, 09Stand For Hope! 10KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km01:03:4344
118Sat Mar 14, 09Catalina MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:38:5244
Catalina Marathon: hate the uphills but love the downhills!! walked all uphills and ran all!! perfect weather..overcast and not hot and not cold.the best weather the last 7-8 years. took the early boat from marina del rey(4am) and back 5pm. met the mm couple jon and sherry and other regular runners. it's like a mini reunion. will be back again next year.
119Sun Mar 8, 09Malibu Creek 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km06:33:4044
Malibu Creek 50K: hilly, rocky!! walked all the hills. nice weather. not hot. we have to cross a creek(twice) i think i might lose big toe nail. registered a week before the race. my first race at age44.
120Sat Feb 21, 09Orange Curtain 50KUnited States of America   (california - cerritos)50 km04:59:2943
Orange Curtain 50K: mom & pops kinda ultra race.very organized. only 89 runners(both 50k and 100k). did 5-10k out and back almost flat course. perfect weather. met local runners from less than a mile(.75) from the finish, i saw a friend ric(100k) running south and told me that i need to break 5 hours and have 9 minutes to do it. yes...4:59:25!!
121Sat Feb 7, 09Death Valley Trail MarathonUnited States of America   (california - death valley)26.2 mi04:09:5543
Death Valley Trail Marathon: due to heavy rain, we ran the alternate course.grrrr!! an out and back course. my second death valley trail in an alternate route. probably next year we'll through titus canyon. rain,cold, mud, wind, rocks, wash board....etc. i survived though. the last ten miles, i have to count till 300 then walked for 10-20 seconds. but this 300 counts went down to 100 the last half mile and to 50 the last 1/4 mile. very small and intimate race. travelled with la frontrunners in a 15-seater van. met wonderful people.(laron form ketchikan,ak, loraine, ron & sonia, gerald & heather)
122Sun Feb 1, 09Surf City MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:51:5543
Surf City Marathon: perfect overcast running weather. scenic view. start and finish near the ocean. cool surfboard medal. i'm very satisfied running under 4hrs. did NOT sleep the previous night. i watch the live tv coverage of australian open mens finals(federer vs nadal). the match lasted till 5:15am. then i have to drive an hour to huntington beach.
123Sun Jan 25, 09Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi04:33:3343
Carlsbad Marathon: perfect weather. i was ok the first 6 miles. was mentally and physically tired. did have enough sleep. watched federer(aus open) beat berdych. my host:aunt norma & manong carlito
124Sat Jan 24, 09Diamond Valley Lake MarathonUnited States of America   (california - hemet)26.2 mi04:15:3143
Diamond Valley Lake Marathon: Marathon
125Sun Jan 18, 09Arizona Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (arizona - phoenix)26.2 mi03:55:3543
Arizona Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: flat and perfect weather. az cardinals won the nfc championships. kinda boring. my host:inday
126Sat Jan 3, 09Running from an Angel MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - boulder city)26.2 mi04:20:2343
Running from an Angel Marathon: very small low-key marathon. cold and windy and hilly but scenic course. very organized race. my first 8 miles was very slow. my lower legs was so tight(frozen). so i have to walk for most part of mile 2-8. my lower legs warmed up around mile 8.5. so i picked up my speed and passing runners. probably i have anegative split. stayed at mandalay bay hotel(my gambler friend had a free room). i left my buddies at the hotel t o gamble.
127Sat Dec 27, 08The Big Cat Challenge MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:54:4543
The Big Cat Challenge Marathon: yes!! i can still break 4 hrs. ran 13 laps of the 2mile course(w/ one major hill before mile1). cold at the start. some runners did the half and the 12 hr race.
128Sun Dec 7, 08Las Vegas MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi04:05:5243
Las Vegas Marathon: perfect overcast weather. fro winning the elvis karaoke contest, i got a free race reg. and two night stay at mandalay bay hotel. i did not run as elvis though. instead, i ran with my philippine flag in support of the filipino boxer manny pacquioa who tko'd dela hoya in round8 the previous night. i did not have enough sleep...i kinda celebrate and played 1-hr of slot. a least five spectators thought that i was running as superman(bec of the red white & blue flag). saw some mexican fans along the course and showed them my flag......that night i played paigow poker and had a royal flush(w/ a joker).
129Sat Nov 15, 08Catalina Eco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:57:3043
Catalina Eco Marathon: hot and hilly!! cramped mile 20...calves, hamstring. on the ground at mile25 for 5min.
130Sat Nov 8, 086Th Annual Learning For Life 15KUnited States of America   (california - san pedro)15 km01:16:5444
131Sun Nov 2, 08Santa Clarita MarathonUnited States of America   (california - santa clarita)26.2 mi04:06:5043
Santa Clarita Marathon: perfect weather. small race(just over 300). met lots of local runners. slowed down between nile 12-16....just plain tired.
132Sun Oct 26, 08Marine Corps MarathonUnited States of America   (district of columbia - washington)26.2 mi04:06:5543
Marine Corps Marathon: crowded. perfect weather. started at the end. too much zigzagging at the first half. my host:gerry
133Sun Oct 19, 08Renegade 3 Mile Trail RaceUnited States of America   (california - san dimas)3 mi31:52:0043
134Sat Oct 11, 08Long Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi04:02:2143
Long Beach Marathon: i like the new course...going through cal state long beach. i did not break 4hrs..grrr!! borrowed a hula hoop from a college rugby player and walked with it for 10 yards.
135Sat Oct 4, 08St. George MarathonUnited States of America   (utah - st. george)26.2 mi03:54:0143
St. George Marathon: cold. rain. lots of hills(mostly downhill). dark the first hour.
136Sun Sep 28, 08Lake Tahoe MarathonUnited States of America   (california - south lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:22:3443
Lake Tahoe Marathon: hilly,high altitute. very scenic.
137Sun Sep 14, 08The Achievable 5K For FitnessUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km24:06:0043
138Thu Jul 31, 08Milo MarathonPhilippines   (manila)26.2 mi04:29:0343
Milo Marathon: early start. warm,humid,rain!! after 10k i have deal with smokes from cars,jeepneys and buses. stayed in manila hotel for a night.
139Sun Jul 20, 08Pattaya MarathonThailand   (pattaya)26.2 mi05:04:1543
Pattaya Marathon: my 7th continent!! one of my slowest time. walked almost half of the race. early start of 4:30am. light rain(w/c is good). tummy problem and breathing problem.
140Sun Jun 8, 082008 Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride Run 10KUnited States of America   (california - west hollywood)10 km34:28:0043
141Sun Jun 1, 08Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi04:27:4143
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: 150th marathon! (asked for bib#150 but was told that bib# 200 and under are for elites and wheelchair). almost perfect running weather. ran as elvis. but left my elvis' wig at mile 10 water station and changed to a running hat. my glutes were hurting. i planned to run it under 4:30. concert:pat benatar
142Sat May 17, 08Palos Verdes MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san pedro)26.2 mi04:20:5243
Palos Verdes Marathon: HOT HOT HOT! Hills, hills, hills! i walked almost all the hills. with the high temperature i will not break 4 hours anyway. i ran with a guy named Paul for about 8 miles. got bib#149..and it's my 149th marathon(i did not even ask for it). lots of local runners.
143Sun May 4, 08Eugene MarathonUnited States of America   (oregon - eugene)26.2 mi03:48:4243
Eugene Marathon: E...for Eugene!!...home of the University of Oregon Ducks, Pre, Bowerman and Nike!! almost flat. perfect weather. 50 stater club reunion. started at historic hayward field and finish line at autzen stadium(Ducks Football). slowed down the last 8 miles. i love the volunteer's tied dye-shirt. the runner's shirt's plain and boring so i exchanged my shirt with a volunteer.
144Sat Apr 19, 08Jersey Shore Relay MarathonUnited States of America   (new jersey - asbury park)26.2 mi03:51:1043
Jersey Shore Relay Marathon: J for Jersey Shore. sunny with ocean breeze. almost flat. ran along jersey shore. 43 registered to run the whole 26.2(ironman/ironwoman..with red bib numbers in the 900's) but they listed only 27 finishers. most participants were relay runners. at transition areas relay runners always passed me. i was running with a girl in a relay team the first three-four miles. between three-six miles my lower legs were so tight. i have to stop massge it at some point. i was more relax the second half of the course. the last three miles i passed the runners who passed me the first six miles. also ran just ahead of the team member of the girl i ran with the first four miles.since it was a stagered start, i was the first ironman finisher and was interviewed by a reporter. i was awarded third place and got a certificate, glass and a golden baton. but when i checked the race website i was actually fifth. too bad i already got the goodies!! at least i was in the top finisher's medal.
145Sun Apr 13, 08Rotterdam MarathonThe Netherlands   (rotterdam)26.2 mi03:51:5943
Rotterdam Marathon: fast!!(not me, but the course). cold. too crowded. nice shirt but i ordered large which is very big. i look like a hanger. not a tourist can do the sightseeing in a half a day. most runners leave rotterdam after the race. no freebies at the expo(just spoiled in doing those u.s. marathons). i even went to the london marathon expo two days before the race. everything is expensive. stayed at hostel(boat). met other marathoners. walking distance from the star/finish. the owner made a hot soup for us. met the mahoney's(i knew it! they will pass me at some point) and david major with his 100 club shirt. leave for amsterdam..hope to see tulips, windmills and wooden shoes!!
146Sat Apr 5, 08Yakima River Canyon MarathonUnited States of America   (washington - ellensburg)26.2 mi03:52:3243
Yakima River Canyon Marathon: yes!!Y for Yakima. i can still run under 4 hrs. nice course but i hate the hill at mile 23. cold and windy. very organized race. thanks to the dolphin's. i met other maniacs, 50-staters and 100 marathon club members. met filipino marathoners too(jose n., quicksilver and monty). i'll do this race again next year. i was a great race weekend. note: got stranded at the pass(summit) for an hour.
147Sat Mar 22, 08Two Oceans 56kSouth Africa   (cape town)56 km06:25:0743
Two Oceans 56k: a must-do marathon/ultra. the course is very beautiful(big sur 3x). very organized race. runner should finished under 7 hours or else you'll never receive a finisher's medal. perfect temperature but lots of hills and very windy. foreign runners were assigned an orange bib. and spectatator's(capetowners`) always ask were the runners from and they're glad for the runners to do their race....will do it again next time. stayed in the hostel with fast south african group. they're all very friendly.
148Sun Mar 16, 08Shamrock Sportsfest MarathonUnited States of America   (virginia - virginia beach)26.2 mi05:21:2043
Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon: 2nd overall walker. a little bit cold and very windy from mile 10 to 16. lots of people wearing green. run an 8k race the previous day(whale race). course almost flat. did the whale run(8k on sat. then mar.on sun). traveled with friend nancy(fr san diego). host: carol
149Sun Mar 2, 08Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:33:3142
Los Angeles Marathon: racewalk(6th overall/ist div). warm. i like the course this year than two years ago(eventhough most like the old course). a big HILL at mile22. i love the view before mile24. it is the only marathon where you will see 2000+ high school and middle school students(SRLA)running . i coached 10 students in our school. they all finished!!
150Sun Feb 24, 08Mardi Gras MarathonUnited States of America   (louisiana - new orleans)26.2 mi05:22:4742
Mardi Gras Marathon: nice easy flat course. run through bourbon street at the early stage. the weather's perfect the first half but since i racewalked it, the second half was a bit hot. got a sunburn on my shoulders since i forgot to put sunblock. ouch! i enjoyed the new course. i was the first male racewalker.
151Sat Feb 16, 08Orange Curtain 50KUnited States of America   (california - cerritos)50 km05:13:3342
Orange Curtain 50K: small and intimate field. 5 out and back flat course. warm!
152Sat Feb 9, 08Sedona MarathonUnited States of America   (arizona - sedona)26.2 mi04:14:4842
Sedona Marathon: perfect weather! rolling..lots of hills! high altitude. very scenic course. stiff lower leg @mile2. walk almost all uphills.2nd 40-44 div note: skip the pasta feed(waited for almost 1 hr)
153Sun Feb 3, 08Srla 18-Mile Friendship RunUnited States of America   (california - sylmar)18 mi02:38:0742
154Sun Jan 20, 08Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi04:33:4542
Carlsbad Marathon: perfect weather! time was very slow. i walked all the hills. and we were re-routed the last two miles...more hills the the original last two miles. have to follow the traffic lights. the best carlsbad marathon medal.
155Sat Jan 19, 08Diamond Valley Lake MarathonUnited States of America   (california - hemet)26.2 mi04:16:1942
Diamond Valley Lake Marathon: beautiful and scenic course. small intimate race. at mile three, right foot and lower was so stiff but warm up after mile 7.
156Sun Jan 13, 08Zoom Yah Yah Indoor MarathonUnited States of America   (minnesota - northfield)26.2 mi03:58:5342
Zoom Yah Yah Indoor Marathon: no hills, wind, sun and the temperature was perfect. you run 150 laps around the running track. you reverse the direction every 30 mins. 150 laps? it was crazy but i had lots of FUN. the running track is soft. they played music the entire course(i think it stopped for about 5 minutes). i love the music they played. some are 80's. it was held in st. olaf college. beatiful campus. it was an intimate race(only 40 runners). the best pasta feed! the race director and his family and friends were great. this is a must-do marathon. if you're planning to do a marathon from a-z, this is a marathon starting with Z!
157Sun Jan 6, 08OC Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - irvine)26.2 mi04:17:4142
OC Marathon Marathon: goodbye to sub 4hr time.cold. rain for 30-40 minutes near the end.
158Sun Dec 2, 07New Las Vegas MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi04:48:0642
New Las Vegas Marathon: one of the best marathon experience! i ran as elvis. i ran in a sparkling-rainbow elvis running outfit. no chaffing at all. stars were glued to it. some have batteries and they blink too. 200+ elvises ran it. we have to stop at 5.5miles(for 20-30 mins.) to witness the mass wedding of 25 couples. sweet...!! i dnot care about my finishing time. friends met me at the finish line. weather is perfect(a little bit cold).....***note: won the elvis karaoke singing contest. did blue suede shoes..milli vanilli style. my prize: free reg. for next year's race with two nights hotel accomodation at mandalay bay suite...."thank you! thank you very much!"
159Sat Nov 17, 07Catalina Eco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:06:0442
Catalina Eco Marathon: nice weather. overcast. very hilly. harder than catalina in march(i think).lots of local runners. i love the downhill portion the last three miles. walked all the uphills. mile 19 was the worst!.....footnote: got a ticket in the blue line. i dont know that i have to have two tix(one for each line), i'll contest it in january.
160Sat Nov 10, 07Learning for Life 15KUnited States of America   (california - san pedro)15 km01:25:5242
161Sun Nov 4, 07Santa Clarita MarathonUnited States of America   (california - santa calrita)26.2 mi04:09:3342
Santa Clarita Marathon: nice organized local race. lots of school kids who volunteered in the water stations. weather is ok. ran through the neighborhoods, parks and paseos. met local runners. i' m running to support diva"s 100th marathon(maniac#35). i was 10 minutes(again) my half way split. so already knew to wont break 4 hours. ran the second half easy(meaning lots of walk breaks)
162Sun Oct 28, 07City of la Puente Main Stree 10KUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km54:29:0042
163Sun Oct 21, 07Nike Women's MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi04:19:0642
Nike Women's Marathon: yes!they allow male runners. but only less than 1000 males participated(both full and half).so to blend in, i wore a shirt with pink bikini design. they even have a free manicure at the expotique. i ran in support of my high school classmate julie(a breast cancer survivor) and my 19 year-old nephew rv (battling leukemia). the course is harder than the san francisco marathon(july). perfect weather! so many hills..long hills!i already knew early during the race that i wont break 4 hours.i was already 10 minutes slower at the half way point. i only ran 6 miles after berlin marathon.i think i need to replace my orthotics. nice tifanny necklace at the finish given by men in tux but with nike running shoes!
164Sun Sep 30, 07Berlin MarathonGermany   (berlin)26.2 mi03:59:2642
Berlin Marathon: very satisfied with the sub four time; perfect weather! too many runners; first marathon where you have to buy the finisher's shirt(18euros).again did my walk breaks after half way point. not used to km marks. haile broke the marathon record! hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop!!! traveled w/ ny frontrunners.
165Sun Sep 23, 07Warsaw MarathonPoland   (warsaw)26.2 mi04:04:1742
Warsaw Marathon: cool shirt and medal; 1k of cobblestones in the old town(seems a lot longer). legs were tired after 21k. did too much sightseeing the previous days.
166Sat Aug 11, 07Mt. Disappointment 50KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)50 km08:24:1342
Mt. Disappointment 50K: hot! hills! cramped at mile 16. walked the last 10 miles...but finished and will do it again next year! so many worderful people both volunteers and runners.
167Sun Jul 29, 07San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:54:5942
San Francisco Marathon: perfect running weather! my legs were so heavy though. at least i finished
168Sun Jun 10, 07Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride RunUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km33:26:0042
169Sun Jun 3, 07Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:49:1342
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: 10th rnr! june gloom. satisfied with the sub 4 time. went to vip reception and had a glass of wine but starved.
170Sat May 19, 07Palos Verdes MarathonUnited States of America   (california - palos verdes)26.2 mi04:18:3442
Palos Verdes Marathon: perfest running weather!! but lots of hills!! was not mentally and physically prepared. cramped at mile 18
171Sat Apr 28, 076Th Csun Run,Walk and RollUnited States of America   (california - northridge)5 km22:52:0042
172Sun Apr 15, 07Victory For Victims 8KUnited States of America   (california - encino)8 km53:29:0042
173Sat Apr 7, 07Santa Anita Derby Day 5KUnited States of America   (california - santa anita)5 km34:24:0042
174Sat Mar 17, 07Catalina MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:27:3542
Catalina Marathon: perfect running weather! mostly overcast. HILLS,HILLS,HILLS!! walked all uphills and ran all downhills. very satisfied with my time. just want to run it under 4:30. saw buffallo at the start.
175Tue Mar 6, 07Fin del Mundo MarathonUnited States of America   (ushuaia, tierra del fuego)26.2 mi03:52:0342
Fin del Mundo Marathon: beautiful course. first 18km on the national park. after 18km..very strong wind!
176Mon Feb 26, 07Antarctica MarathonUnited States of America   (king george island)26.2 mi05:42:4741
Antarctica Marathon: great trip!! cold, snow, ice, mud, hills, strong wind...but very beautiful course!
177Sun Feb 11, 07Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km01:13:0441
178Sun Feb 4, 07Pacific Shoreline MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:57:2041
Pacific Shoreline Marathon: just want to break 4 hrs.!
179Sun Jan 21, 07Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi03:47:2741
180Sun Jan 7, 07OC Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - irvine)26.2 mi04:09:5341
OC Marathon Marathon: fast 1st half. but the second half hilly, hot and some strong wind
181Sun Dec 10, 06Las Vegas MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi03:53:2741
Las Vegas Marathon: COLD AND WINDY!
182Thu Nov 23, 062006 La Canada Run For The HungryUnited States of America   (california - la canada/flintridge)5 km22:15:0041
183Sun Oct 29, 06Main Street Halloween RunUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km47:09:0041
184Sun Oct 15, 06long Beach International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi03:41:1041
long Beach International Marathon: perfect marathon weather.
185Sun Sep 17, 06Sydney MarathonUnited States of America   (sydney)26.2 mi04:01:5941
Sydney Marathon: my third sydney and it seems like it was harder than the last two. probably due to not eating my regular banana breakfast...banana is to expensive(2 bananas for almost aus$5). saw other maniacs mates...chris, steve & sue.
186Sat Aug 26, 06Bulldog 50KUnited States of America   (california - malibu)50 km07:09:1341
Bulldog 50K: hilly and hot! almost dnf@mile 21. was on the ground for 10 minutes. i almost gave up. thanks to mile22 aid station! last run
187Sat Aug 12, 06Mt. Disappointment 50KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)50 km07:10:4441
Mt. Disappointment 50K: my first 50k! hilly! my head hit a tree around mile 27...ouch!!
188Sat Aug 5, 06Outgames I MarathonUnited States of America   (qc - montreal)26.2 mi04:03:0441
Outgames I Marathon: only 92 finishers. warm. same as the montreal marathon course. seems like they closed the streets just for me to run.
189Sat Jul 22, 06Gay Games VII MarathonUnited States of America   (illinois - chicago)26.2 mi03:54:4541
Gay Games VII Marathon: 4 out&back laps
190Mon Jul 17, 06Gay Games 5K Road RaceUnited States of America   (illinois - chicago)5 km22:18:0041
191Sun Jun 11, 06Los Angeles Frontrunners' Annual Run/Walk For Gay And Lesbian PrideUnited States of America   (california - west hollywood)5 km32:23:0041
192Sun Jun 4, 06Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:52:4541
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: warm. june gloom!!
193Sun May 28, 06Mad City MarathonUnited States of America   (wisconsin - madison)26.2 mi04:05:4741
Mad City Marathon: sunny, hot & humid!! the 90's. poured about 10 gallons of water. same weekend as "the largest brats festival"
194Sun Mar 19, 06Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:25:2941
Los Angeles Marathon: 10th consecutive l.a..first back to back. racewalked(8th/4th div). did not cramp but can't go any faster.
195Sat Mar 18, 06Catalina MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:27:1241
Catalina Marathon: hilly! muddy the first 9-10 miles!
196Sun Mar 5, 06Napa Valley MarathonUnited States of America   (california - napa)26.2 mi03:39:3340
Napa Valley Marathon: rain!
197Sun Feb 12, 0628Th Annual Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km01:08:4141
198Sun Feb 5, 06Pacific Shoreline MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:43:1640
Pacific Shoreline Marathon: perfect weather! free mp3. 1:40(split)
199Sun Jan 15, 06Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi03:47:4940
Carlsbad Marathon: perfect weather!! decided to run it two days b4 the race.
200Sun Jan 8, 06Disneyworld MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)26.2 mi03:52:4140
Disneyworld Marathon: ran the goofy race(half the day before 1:38:18(pr)). cold. saw mickey, minnie, donald , goofy ....formed marathon maniacs team#2(al h., andrea h., stephen v.)
201Sun Dec 4, 05Las Vegas MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi03:31:3940
Las Vegas Marathon: chilly and windy!! fast course. won $150 in paigow poker. will run it again nex year.
202Thu Nov 24, 05Run For The Hungry 5KUnited States of America   (california - la canada flintridge)5 km23:02:0041
203Sat Nov 12, 05Richmond MarathonUnited States of America   (virginia - richmond)26.2 mi03:34:5140
Richmond Marathon: my 50th state!! perfect weather. again, did my walk breaks after 13 miles. don't know why they call it "the friendliest marathon"?
204Sun Nov 6, 05New York MarathonUnited States of America   (new york - new york)26.2 mi03:44:4840
New York Marathon: my best new york! very relax. mooned some spectators along 1st ave.
205Sun Oct 30, 0514Th Annual La Puente Mainstreet Halloween Run 10KUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km48:14:0041
206Sun Oct 16, 05Long Beach International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi03:59:2340
Long Beach International Marathon: my 100th marathon!! cramped at mile 21. at least 25 friends and relatives at the finish line wearing "run deo run" shirt. received a plaque from my local running club.
207Sun Oct 2, 05 MarathonUnited States of America   (wisconsin - milwaukee)26.2 mi03:48:4040
Marathon: easy course;mostly flat or downhill; free beer at the finish; my 99th marathon(49th state)
208Sun Aug 14, 05Samurai 5KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km22:20:0041
209Sun Jul 31, 05San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:42:0040
San Francisco Marathon: cool and foggy(1st 10 miles). golden gate bridge was added
210Sun Jun 12, 0524Th Annual Los Angeles Frontrunners Pride RunUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km46:57:0041
211Sun Jun 5, 05Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:55:4140
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: easier course than previous years.
212Sat May 14, 05Fargo MarathonUnited States of America   (north dakota - fargo)26.2 mi03:52:2640
Fargo Marathon: very cold(30's); no major hill. watched " fargo " in fargo theater.
213Sun Apr 24, 05Oklahoma City Memorial MarathonUnited States of America   (oklahoma - oklahoma city)26.2 mi04:10:5740
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon: got back fron a month vacation w/o running. not ready for this. tired both mentally and physically. visited the memorial. nice weather!!
214Mon Apr 4, 05Guam MarathonUnited States of America   (mangilao, guam)26.2 mi04:11:0640
Guam Marathon: only 60 runners; very hot and humid; 4am start!!
215Sat Mar 19, 05Catalina Island MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:44:5340
Catalina Island Marathon: the hills are alive!! light rain. walked almost all the uphills.
216Sun Mar 6, 05Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:13:3339
Los Angeles Marathon: 1st overall(racewalk); beat the 2nd guy by 5 seconds; warm &sunny; my last marathon in my 30's; trained 25+ srla students(all finished)
217Sun Feb 27, 05Hyannis MarathonUnited States of America   (massachusetts - hyannis)26.2 mi03:45:3539
Hyannis Marathon: very scenic; two loops;very cold(snow) but sunny!
218Sun Feb 13, 05Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 10KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km46:54:0040
219Sat Feb 5, 05Tybee MarathonUnited States of America   (georgia - tybee island)26.2 mi03:33:2339
Tybee Marathon: flat;perfect weather; two loops
220Sun Jan 16, 05Carlsbad MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi03:58:1739
Carlsbad Marathon: did the first half in 1:41:??, then did the second half more than 2:10. different pace groups passed me;3:30 at mile 13; 3:40 at mile 18; 3:50 at mile 23; and 4:00 at mile 26. but still sub 4!
221Sun Dec 5, 04OC Marathon MarathonUnited States of America   (california - irvine)26.2 mi03:56:1639
OC Marathon Marathon: ran parts of the first half with bill rodgers(he did the half). light rain the 2nd hour and very cold!
222Thu Nov 25, 04La Canada Run For The HungryUnited States of America   (california - la canada)5 km33:02:0040
223Sun Nov 21, 04Philadelphia MarathonUnited States of America   (pennsylvania - philadelphia)26.2 mi03:45:2239
Philadelphia Marathon: cold. drove with my sister jackie from central nj. stay at philly for a night and went back to nj for a mini h.s. reunion.
224Sun Nov 7, 04New York MarathonUnited States of America   (new york - new york)26.2 mi03:59:2339
225Sun Oct 24, 04City Of La Puente 13Th Annual Main Street RunUnited States of America   (california - la puente)10 km48:08:0042
226Sun Oct 10, 04Mt. Rushmore MarathonUnited States of America   (south dakota - rapid city)26.2 mi03:56:0139
Mt. Rushmore Marathon: love the downhill course. met other regular marathoners(paul fr. richmond,va and barbara fr. st'louis)
227Sun Oct 3, 04Maine MarathonUnited States of America   (maine - portland)26.2 mi04:03:1739
Maine Marathon: perfect weather. stayed with a friend who lives near the race start. i was interviewed by a repoter in a bike.,...oops, he trip and fell in his bike....took home a dozen maine lobsters.
228Sun Sep 12, 04Sydney MarathonUnited States of America   (sydney, australia)26.2 mi03:54:4339
Sydney Marathon: saw russell crowe and his band(tofog) the night before the race. went to bed late beacuse of it. felt it at mile 18.
229Sun Aug 1, 04San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:54:0839
230Sat Jun 12, 04Hatfield and McCoy MarathonUnited States of America   (west virginia - williamson)26.2 mi03:58:4439
Hatfield and McCoy Marathon: humid! the last runner under 4 hrs. free shuttle to the shower. small and intimate race. cute shirt.
231Sun Jun 6, 04Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:45:5039
232Sun May 16, 04Delaware MarathonUnited States of America   (delaware - wilmington)26.2 mi03:50:0339
Delaware Marathon: looped course(3 or 4) organized by 50 states marathon club. saw my name along the course.
233Sat May 8, 04Revlon Run/Walk For WomenUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km22:03:0042
234Sat May 1, 04Csun Run, Walk And RollUnited States of America   (california - northridge)10 km46:36:0039
235Sat Apr 24, 04Salt Lake City MarathonUnited States of America   (utah - salt lake city)26.2 mi03:49:1639
Salt Lake City Marathon: lower leg tight the first six miles. free b52's concert...rock lobster!! got a speeding ticket from arches nat'l to slc airport.($400+)
236Sun Mar 28, 04Rome MarathonUnited States of America   (rome, italy)26.2 mi03:44:3539
Rome Marathon: beautiful course. missed the city tour(trafalgar) doing this race. hate the cobble stones. start and finish infront of the coleseum.
237Sat Mar 13, 04Catalina Island MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi04:33:1039
238Sun Mar 7, 04Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:22:2339
Los Angeles Marathon: rw;1st div; very hot;my 39th birthday.met 7 marathoners w/ same bd
239Sat Feb 7, 04Death Valley Trail MarathonUnited States of America   (california - furnace creek)26.2 mi04:02:3938
Death Valley Trail Marathon: changed the course due to snow on titus canyon.but still very scenic.
240Sun Jan 25, 04Las Vegas International MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi03:41:1238
Las Vegas International Marathon: 2nd half-very windy!!
241Sat Jan 10, 04Mississippi MarathonUnited States of America   (mississippi - clinton)26.2 mi05:15:0138
Mississippi Marathon: rw;1st overall
242Sun Nov 30, 03Seattle MarathonUnited States of America   (washington - seattle)26.2 mi03:40:2838
Seattle Marathon: cold. scenic. can see snow-capped mt.raineir. fast half way split 1:40?
243Sun Nov 2, 03New York MarathonUnited States of America   (new york - new york)26.2 mi04:21:3738
New York Marathon: already tired before the race. spent too much time standing and waiting in line. puff daddy passed me @ mile 18!
244Sun Oct 26, 03Village Runner Halloween RunUnited States of America   (california - redondo beach)5 km32:48:0040
245Sat Oct 18, 03Indianapolis MarathonUnited States of America   (indiana - indianapolis)26.2 mi03:45:1838
Indianapolis Marathon: flat.
246Sat Oct 11, 03Lake Tahoe MarathonUnited States of America   (california - lake tahoe)26.2 mi04:43:0138
Lake Tahoe Marathon: cold. hilly. altitude
247Sun Oct 5, 03Detroit MarathonUnited States of America   (michigan - detroit)26.2 mi03:57:1638
Detroit Marathon: ran over the bridge from detroit to canada. went under a tunnel too.
248Sun Sep 14, 03Sydney MarathonUnited States of America   (sydney, australia)26.2 mi03:55:5238
Sydney Marathon: hilly the last 10k. i love sydney!! host: tesara's
249Sat Aug 30, 03Pocatello MarathonUnited States of America   (idaho - pocatello)26.2 mi03:47:3938
Pocatello Marathon: downhill course. met the marathon maniacs trio. aske to join the group. received a bag of idaho potatoes!!
250Sat Aug 23, 03Grizzly MarathonUnited States of America   (montana - choteau)26.2 mi04:01:3838
Grizzly Marathon: beautiful course. wide open spaces...BIG SKY! went to glacier natl park the day after.
251Sun Aug 10, 0325Th Annual Samurai 5KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km21:54:0038
252Sun Jul 27, 03San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:44:2638
253Sun Jun 15, 03Mud Run 10KUnited States of America   (california - camp pendleton)10 km59:02:0038
254Sun Jun 1, 03Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:55:0038
255Sun May 4, 03Little Rock MarathonUnited States of America   (arkansas - little rock)26.2 mi05:10:4138
Little Rock Marathon: rw;1st overall. received a gift(a tobacco box?). organized race.
256Sun May 4, 03Vermont City MarathonUnited States of America   (vermont - burlington)26.2 mi04:04:0138
Vermont City Marathon: nice course. bought a ben and jerrys shirt.
257Sun Apr 27, 03New Jersey Shore MarathonUnited States of America   (new jersey - long branch)26.2 mi03:51:4038
New Jersey Shore Marathon: nice scenic ocean view course. host: sis jackie
258Sun Apr 6, 03Spirit of St. Louis MarathonUnited States of America   (missouri - st. louis)26.2 mi03:51:3138
Spirit of St. Louis Marathon: very cold; have to wear my warm-up pants & tights
259Sat Mar 15, 03Catalina Island MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:04:5938
Catalina Island Marathon: rain;muddy
260Wed Mar 5, 03Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:34:2337
Los Angeles Marathon: rw
261Sun Feb 16, 03Nike Run Hit WonderUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)10 km44:58:0037
262Sun Jan 26, 03Pacific Shoreline MarathonUnited States of America   (california - huntington beach)26.2 mi03:58:1037
263Sun Jan 12, 03Disneyworld MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)26.2 mi03:40:4037
264Sun Dec 8, 02Raleigh MarathonUnited States of America   (north carolina - raleigh)26.2 mi03:30:5537
Raleigh Marathon: pr!! thought they will cancell the race due to snow storm the previous week. some residents have power yet. part of the course are little bit icy.
265Sat Nov 9, 02GG VI MarathonUnited States of America   (sydney, australia)26.2 mi03:53:4637
GG VI Marathon: hot!! four-lap course. almost cancell the event.
266Sat Oct 12, 02Greater Hartford MarathonUnited States of America   (connecticut - hartford)26.2 mi03:42:5937
Greater Hartford Marathon: rain; friends and sister overslept. did not see me finishing the race. you'll pass the finish line at mile 20. so you have to run 6 more miles.grrrr!!
267Thu Sep 26, 02Twin Cities MarathonUnited States of America   (minnesota - minneapolis)26.2 mi03:45:1537
Twin Cities Marathon: bleached blond hair.
268Sun Aug 18, 02Pikes Peak MarathonUnited States of America   (colorado - manitou springs)26.2 mi06:55:1637
Pikes Peak Marathon: hardest race so far! from 6000ft to 9000ft. after 6 miles a have to stop.big cramps on both legs...the ALTITUDE, HILLS. negative split!!. fell at mile 23. bruised knees.
269Sun Aug 11, 0225Th Annual Samurai 5KUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km21:03:0037
270Sun Jul 28, 02San Franciso MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:33:0437
271Mon Jul 8, 02Dodger's All Star RunUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)5 km19:45:0040
272Sun Jun 2, 02Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:55:4837
273Sun May 26, 02Wyoming MarathonUnited States of America   (wyoming - laramie)26.2 mi04:26:3437
Wyoming Marathon: scenic out and back course but hard. downhill the first two miles but uphill the last the altitude!!! dropped rental car keys on the course. fortunately, a runner found it!
274Sat Apr 27, 02Kentucky Derby MarathonUnited States of America   (kentucky - louisville)26.2 mi03:43:5937
Kentucky Derby Marathon: wore a shirt with jockey silk design(pink with black diamonds..for the racehorse buddh. but kinda look like charlie brown)went to churchill downs the day after. tried the mint julep..nasty
275Sat Mar 23, 02Washington DC MarathonUnited States of America   (district of columbia - washington)26.2 mi03:46:4337
Washington DC Marathon: nice course. cold. my host: cynthia
276Sat Mar 16, 02Catalina Island MarathonUnited States of America   (california - avalon)26.2 mi05:29:0937
Catalina Island Marathon: walk
277Sun Mar 3, 02Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:00:4336
Los Angeles Marathon: rw;2nd division
278Sat Feb 9, 02Myrtle Beach MarathonUnited States of America   (south carolina - myrtle beach)26.2 mi03:34:5936
Myrtle Beach Marathon: fast and flat. got a speeding ticket heading back to the airport.
279Sun Jan 20, 02Houston MarathonUnited States of America   (texas - houston)26.2 mi03:38:1736
Houston Marathon: fast and flat but boring. host:clyde(met in houston)
280Sun Jan 6, 02Disneyworld MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)26.2 mi05:03:5636
Disneyworld Marathon: rw;3rd division
281Sat Dec 8, 01Rocket City MarathonUnited States of America   (alabama - huntsville)26.2 mi03:37:5936
Rocket City Marathon: warm rain. finished strong.
282Sun Nov 18, 01Gobbler Grind MarathonUnited States of America   (kansas - overland park)26.2 mi03:44:5736
Gobbler Grind Marathon: small race. out and back course.
283Sun Nov 4, 01Santa Clarita MarathonUnited States of America   (california - santa clarita)26.2 mi03:46:2236
Santa Clarita Marathon: did not get in did this race. but wore i love ny shirt!
284Sat Oct 20, 01Baltimore MarathonUnited States of America   (maryland - baltimore)26.2 mi03:43:2436
Baltimore Marathon: nice course. host: cousin rel
285Sun Sep 30, 01Clarence Demar MarathonUnited States of America   (new hampshire - keene)26.2 mi03:54:4336
286Sun Aug 19, 01Humpy's MarathonUnited States of America   (alaska - anchorage)26.2 mi03:53:1736
Humpy's Marathon: out and back course in the park.
287Sat Jul 21, 01University of Okoboji MarathonUnited States of America   (iowa - okoboji)26.2 mi04:11:1636
University of Okoboji Marathon: hot and humid. water station every 5k. low key marathon organized by brothers who own a clothing store. got a free "university of okoboji" bumper sticker. got a speeding ticket the morning of the race. grrr!
288Sun Jun 3, 01Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:48:0036
289Sat May 19, 01Palos Verdes MarathonUnited States of America   (california - palos verdes)26.2 mi03:59:5636
Palos Verdes Marathon: just like a small big sur. ran with a guy name ben(first time marathoner)the last two miles. we both went under 4hrs.
290Sun May 6, 01Flying Pig MarathonUnited States of America   (ohio - cincinnati)26.2 mi04:09:5836
Flying Pig Marathon: the cutest medal. lots of volunteers wearing a pig suit. struggled the last three miles. almost missed the race. note that chicago and cincinnati are not in the same time zone. almost missed the pasta feed.
291Sun Apr 8, 01Paris MarathonUnited States of America   (paris, france)26.2 mi03:56:5536
Paris Marathon: nice course. my sis made a mistake booking my flight back on the same day. after finishing the race i have to catch the train and the subway to the airport...just like another marathon.
292Sun Mar 4, 01Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:24:2835
Los Angeles Marathon: rw
293Sun Feb 18, 01Valley of the Sun MarathonUnited States of America   (arizona - mesa)26.2 mi05:21:3135
Valley of the Sun Marathon: rw. ugliest medal. host: the cabrera's
294Sun Feb 4, 01Mardi Gras MarathonUnited States of America   (louisiana - new orleans)26.2 mi05:16:0735
Mardi Gras Marathon: rw;4th overall. met local new orleans runners(leslie and co.).join them in their victory dinner
295Sun Jan 7, 01Disneyworld MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)26.2 mi05:19:2235
Disneyworld Marathon: rw
296Sun Nov 12, 00Ocean State MarathonUnited States of America   (rhode island - providence)26.2 mi04:30:2735
Ocean State Marathon: very cold. had an injury. legs, muscle etc....
297Sun Oct 22, 00Chicago MarathonUnited States of America   (illinois - chicago)26.2 mi04:01:0335
Chicago Marathon: fast. but slowed down the last three miles. stayed with hazel and david(part of aids marathon group)
298Fri Sep 1, 00New Mexico MarathonUnited States of America   (new mexico - albequerque)26.2 mi04:06:4935
New Mexico Marathon: small and intimate race organized by siblings. love the medal. first time i felt the altitude.bus got lost. love the luminares at the start. a hot air baloon landed on the course.
299Sun Aug 27, 00Omaha MarathonUnited States of America   (nebraska - omaha)26.2 mi03:56:5435
Omaha Marathon: humid. nothing to do in omaha.
300Sun Jul 9, 00San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi03:53:5235
San Francisco Marathon: wore a kobe laker shirt. people chaerin me.."run kobe run"
301Sun Jun 4, 00Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi03:40:2235
302Sat Apr 29, 00Country Music MarathonUnited States of America   (tennessee - nashville)26.2 mi05:04:3335
Country Music Marathon: rw. good country music along the course. free kenny rogers concert.
303Sun Mar 5, 00Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angles)26.2 mi05:21:3734
Los Angeles Marathon: RW
304Sun Feb 6, 00Las Vegas International MarathonUnited States of America   (nevada - las vegas)26.2 mi05:04:2434
Las Vegas International Marathon: rw
305Sun Jan 16, 00San Diego MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carlsbad)26.2 mi05:21:3934
San Diego Marathon: rw;supposed to be 3rd overall(but two racewalkers cheated)
306Sun Jan 9, 00Disneyworld MarathonUnited States of America   (florida - orlando)26.2 mi05:13:3634
Disneyworld Marathon: rw;1st div. receievd a mickey mouse trophy
307Sun Dec 5, 99California International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - sacramento)26.2 mi05:12:2634
California International Marathon: rw. cold at the start. host:bong
308Mon Nov 1, 99Long Beach International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - long beach)26.2 mi05:05:0034
Long Beach International Marathon: rw
309Sun Oct 24, 99Niagara International MarathonUnited States of America   (on - niagara falls)26.2 mi05:34:4534
Niagara International Marathon: rw. very cold. after 6 miles, only few runners and walkers on sight.
310Sun Oct 10, 99Portland MarathonUnited States of America   (oregon - portland)26.2 mi05:17:0034
Portland Marathon: rw;3rd division
311Thu Jul 1, 99San Francisco MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san francisco)26.2 mi05:58:1034
San Francisco Marathon: rw
312Sun May 23, 99Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi05:21:0934
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: rw
313Sun Apr 25, 99Big Sur International MarathonUnited States of America   (california - carmel)26.2 mi05:22:5434
Big Sur International Marathon: rw. very scenic.stayed at a school gym.
314Sun Mar 14, 99Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:21:4634
Los Angeles Marathon: racewalk;1st div.racewalk
315Sun Dec 13, 98Honolulu MarathonUnited States of America   (hawaii - honolulu)26.2 mi05:26:1133
Honolulu Marathon: 2nd overall racewalker; hot! wore hawaiian the molina's
316Sun Aug 16, 98America's Finest City Half MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)13.2 mi01:50:1733
317Fri May 1, 98Rock 'N' Roll MarathonUnited States of America   (california - san diego)26.2 mi04:02:2633
Rock 'N' Roll Marathon: 1st rock and roll. no chip yet! almost broke 4 hrs. pat benatar, huey lewis post race concert performers.
318Sun Mar 29, 98Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi04:35:2533
319Sun Mar 2, 97Los Angeles MarathonUnited States of America   (california - los angeles)26.2 mi05:18:5231
Los Angeles Marathon: walk the last 10 miles


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