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In 2011, on a whim, I told my wife I was going to go for a run. From my home to the closest major street was a half mile. Run there and back, I thought, that would be a great workout. OH MY GOD!!! I thought I was going to die. It was literally jog 50 yards, walk 100, jog 50, etc. I collapsed on the couch sweating buckets and coughing like an emphysema patient! Yeah, it had been a decade since I had last exercised, but I considered myself fit for my age, 52 years at that time. I had been involved in sports back in High School (football and wrestling) and still thought of myself as athletic, so feeling that bad after only one mile really pissed me off. So I started running. Before I knew it, I could run that mile. Soon I was running that mile without coughing fits at the end. My home was at the foot of Adams Hill in Glendale. So I started running up and down that hill. After lengthening and lengthening my distances, all full of myself, I logged onto Map My Run thinking "I bet I''m running 5 miles on my route." Nope. Not even close. That''s when I started going serious. Leading to my first Half Marathon (Ventura Half) followed by the LA Marathon. Bored by the same circuits on pavement, harried by "knee problems" I started on trails beginning with Sullivan Canyon in Brentwood. I loved it, my first day I saw deer, soon my knees stopped giving me trouble. There was no turning back.
  • First Ultra - Bulldog 50K 2013 First time to complete the distance in one go. Found out what I was made of.
  • Second Ultra - Bulldog 50K 2014 Ran 50K six days after completing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. Really tough, but I discovered I was tougher.
  • Third Ultra - Avalon 50 Mile Run 2015 Hardest thing I've accomplished, now I'm aiming for a 100K (Chimera)
Jakob Herrmann

Jakob Herrmann2810 days ago

Really dig your story! Good luck at Chimera 100K. You chose a tough one but you can do it!!

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